Watch this space for forthcoming update on current VANSA projects


Winter School was conceived as a response to a need for short, educational engagement outside of the academy. This program provides a platform for collective thinking, sharing and challenging for artists and cultural practitioners.




The Revolution Room project seeks to explore new ways in which museums as public institutions can project themselves more forcefully into the public realm, through interventions in ‘common space’ developed out of complex collaborations between artists, citizens and museum professionals. The project will involve museum professionals working with artists and local partners/collaborators in developing projects in Cosmo City, a post-apartheid urban settlement in the north-west of Johannesburg.


The National/Gauteng office key projects 2010-2011: Two Thousand and Ten Reasons to Live in a Small Town, ArtMap, Artright, ArtKnowledge, ArtIndaba, AFRICALIA Internship Programme, ArtConnect, COP17.

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