Past Projects

VANSA's key projects since 2010:

Parking Gallery

The Parking Gallery is a malleable artist-run project initiated to create an alternative platform for contemporary art in Johannesburg. It is a shared space for discussions and exhibitions. From 2014, the Parking Gallery will function as an ad hoc space and will be taking on occasional, significant projects.

In 2012 and 2013, the Parking Gallery was hosted by VANSA, structured around a weekly event held every Wednesday evening at the VANSA premises. These were made up of presentations, performances and discussions by various practitioners involved in relevant projects and research. The first incarnation of the Parking Gallery was founded by Simon Gush as a temporary and informal exhibition space. Gush curated a series of solo shows for a group of young artists over a period of 6 months in 2006.


Two Thousand and Ten Reasons to Live in a Small Town

Two Thousand and Ten Reasons to Live in a Small Town was a public art project conceptualised and facilitated by VANSA and funded by the National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund (NLDTF). 

The selected projects involved 17 contemporary artists who developed experimental public artworks in small towns and rural environments across South Africa, selected through a call for proposals process. Projects were realised between October 2010 and March 2011, and were documented in a publication, and an exhibition staged at the Goethe on Main space in May 2011.

Projects were documented as they unfolded through a dedicated blog at



VANSA Gauteng was commissioned by the Mondriaan Foundation to develop a map for the contemporary arts in South Africa as a basis for facilitating collaboration and exchange between South African and Dutch artists, galleries and organisations. Visit the new on-line portal 



VANSA Gauteng has partnered with the WITS School of Arts and Brendan Copestake in the development of an on-line platform focusing on legal, financial and general business knowledge for people working in the visual arts industry. Go to our ArtRight page to find out more. A series of briefing sessions are being convened around the country to secure the participation of industry professionals in the development of the project, with the support of the Dramatic, Artistic and Literary Rights Organisation (DALRO).
In the pipeline: ArtRight workshops, helpdesk and publications



VANSA Gauteng is undertaking scoping studies in four areas that we think are important for the development of our industry. These include research into the feasibility of introducing artist resale rights legislation in South Africa and a more effective copyright collection for South African artists, as well as potential incentives and schemes for the provision of low cost studio space and the promotion of South African art internationally. See our Research page for more information.


The National/Gauteng office is planning a series of industry networking events and discussion forums during the course of 2011 together with our Western Cape and KZN offices, provisionally titled “A New Agenda for the Visual Arts” – aimed at getting industry people in the same room as government, and facilitating constructive conversation about burning issues, industry needs and opportunities for better communication and greater collaboration between government and the sector. Follow our News updates for more information.
AFRICALIA Internship Programme
We are in now in the final year of a three-year internship programme which involves placing young and upcoming arts administrators in eleven arts organisations and projects across the country for a six month internship each year. We look forward to welcoming a new group of interns into the network during the course of the coming year. Look out for calls for applications in the Employment section of our Opportunities page.


VANSA Gauteng is pleased to announce a new project in Johannesburg, called ARTCONNECT. The project will explore the imaginative reuse and animation of non-arts spaces outside of the established contemporary art circuits in Gauteng, and will represent a unique opportunity for the five young artists to develop their practice with curatorial and technical support from our network.
ARTCONNECT aims to create opportunities for young and upcoming artists to research, develop and realise experimental projects in fit-for-purpose spaces, with careful consideration given to context and audience in the realisation of projects. The selected projects will be developed around spaces and places that generate their own audiences in different ways, and involve a process of research and development.

VANSA projects at COP17

VANSA (Visual Arts Network of SA), the Cape Craft and Design Institute and Business and Arts SA (BASA) have worked with the national Department of Arts and Culture around the development and realisation of a creative programme for COP17, complementing and synergising with existing initiatives, and in close cooperation with the Department of Environmental Affairs. VANSA worked on the visual and public art aspects of the programme, and together with a diversity of partners and its network, have managed to pull together a range of compelling projects. The programme has sought to use the opportunity of COP17 to develop projects which bring the DAC's Mzansi Golden Economy Strategy to bear on the global challenge to address climate change. Visit the COP17 Page to find out more.


Briefing workshops were convened across the country to provide interested artists with an opportunity to find out more about the project and develop their proposal writing skills. The workshops were held in Grahamstown, Johannesburg, Bloemfontein, Cape Town, Durban.


2010 Reasons to Live in a Small Town project for artists and creative professionals is an unusual residency and public art project facilitated by the Visual Arts Network of South Africa with the support of the National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund (NLDTF).

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