Yeoville Studio Exhibition

Yeoville Studio, a community-oriented research initiative, is opening a public and interactive exhibition of its most recent work that will be an overview on its involvement in the neighborhood over a period of two years.

Yeoville Studio Exhibition

By Natalie Edwards and Keleketla!

The project is driven by Wits School of Architecture and Planning, in partnership with Yeoville community organizations (Yeoville Stakeholders Forum –YSF- and Yeoville Bellevue Community Development Trust -YBCDT). Yeoville Studio has done research and facilitated interactive workshops over a period of two years on locally defined urban issues, ranging from trading and mobility, to housing and local identities.

This year, Yeoville Studio’s exhibition will be focused on the issue of trading, as a main local political and urban issue concerning Yeoville residents, workers, users, and visitors; and beyond. Questions of formality and informality; micro and macro, ordinary and specialized trading, will be raised through a series of items – participatory street stalls pilot models; street and spaza shop traders’ stories; tomato stories (as it seems that everybody sells tomatoes in Yeoville); an interactive scale model of Rockey Raleigh street and its pavement. Debates on futures for trading in Yeoville will be facilitated by local activists.

The exhibition is curated by VANSA as part of ARTCONNECT, a mentorship and curatorial project that engages young artists particularly interested in public and temporary art spaces. Yeoville Studio exhibition will be centered in Yeoville Recreation Center and the park; but will also open the possibility of exploring Yeoville further, with a number of items displayed in interactive ways in the streets of Yeoville (visitors will be provided with a map to navigate their way).

A series of tours in the neighbourhood, based on four themed guide maps produced by Yeoville studio (Politics tour; Architecture Tour; Arts and Culture tours; African Foods tour) and organised by local residents, will be proposed (booking essential). For bookings, please contact Maurice Smithers (YBCDT),, 011 4870269.

The Posters for the Exhibition: Design By Natalie Edwards and Keleketla!

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