Exhibition & Panel Discussion: those places from which something has been taken

Juliana Castro Duperly concludes her month-long residency at VANSA's Open Office with an exhibition entitled 'those places from which something has been taken'.

Date: Wednesday 10 February 2016 (the exhibition will run until 10 March)
Time: 6 pm
Venue: VANSA, 1st floor, King Kong Building, 6 Verwey Street, New Doornfontein

Join us for the exhibition and a discussion on Latin American video art followed by a short screening of Colombian video art. The panel discussion includes Andrés García La Rota, Juan Orrantia and Juliana Castro Duperly, and will be moderated by Molemo Moiloa.

About the participants:

Juliana Castro Duperly's work concentrates on reducing the communicative limits of language through silence, contemplation, body, and sublime concepts. Her interests lie in the spoken and written deconstruction of words. Through her work, Juliana develops artistic process where the image comes before words, where words can become innocuous. Juliana lives and works in Bogotá, Colombia.

Andrés García La Rota is a visual artist and lecturer at the Javeriana and Jorge Tadeo Lozano universities. He is the director of Platform Bogotá and organiser of the Festival of Media Arts Experience Colombia. La Rota lives and works in Colombia where he has performed work in the context of photography, video and video installation.

Colombian born, Johannesburg based artist Juan Orrantia: My photographic work is conceived as a way to express and engage questions concerning memory, time, movement and history. For this I rely on photography’s inherent poetic capacities, but also its limitations for essential ideas of truth, as critical elements in the creation of alternative approaches to the real. Understanding the photograph as a material, ambiguous and intimate object I experiment with the combination of formats, installation and essay/book designs, quality (film/digital) and text to produce alternative paths that go beyond the idea of the photograph as something with a single, fixed meaning. In this way I explore the potential of the medium to challenge conventions of the document(ary), to comment on social and personal experiences through the subtle ambiguity of photography.

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This project is in partnership with Arts Collaboratory and the Ministry of Culture (Colombia)

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