For the final event of Nolan Oswald Dennis’ open office residency at VANSA, which looked at exploring text as a tool for engagement with archival content as well as knowledge creation, Dennis will be doing a presentation of his Temporary Research Archive, an ongoing research installation looking into the currency of African archived texts, objects, imagination and memory.

 “… in the name of the future against a power structure that [relies] on control and representation of the historical archive.” (K, Eshun. 2003)

The installation consists of a fragmented wall collage of excerpts, essays, poems, lists and maps detailing the contested history of proto and post Pan-Africanism, exploring diasporic and native imagination and projection, independence and colonial revenge. The disparate elements of the collage are tracked through space by a network of intricate string structures joining bits of data on the wall and forming a web ceiling in the VANSA space. These structures of corrupted data and implied connections search for “a meta-historical form commenting on the cultural discourses and narrative patterns behind history.”

Approaching collage, narrative layering, projection, recording, mapping and conversation as analytical tools, Dennis looks at the nature (state) and position (place) of African independence era texts as futurist projections of imaginary geographies, pragmatic ideologies and transcendental social fictions.

The installation also contains a series of attempted conversations, a sound and video piece of conversations with people around specific Pan-African texts and the modalities of a Pan African archive, associated with these is a joint submission by Dennis’ and Keleketla! to the Africa Sound map.

Through his research process, Dennis has produced a 'temporary reading list' - a collection of texts around pan-African imaginaries - which will be available at the closing- event.

Please join us on Thursday the 12th of June at 18:00 for 18:30 at VANSA to see Nolan Dennis Oswald's installation marking the end of his open office residency

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