Open Office Event - Nolan Oswald Dennis Vol2 : The Lumumba Screening at VANSA

In anticipation of the 54th anniversary of DR Congo Independence - (24 June 1960) Nolan Oswald Dennis will host a screening of the 2000 biopic Lumumba, directed by Raoul Peck, as part of his open office residency at VANSA.

“The combination of colonial revenge and popular discontent created sustained hostility towards the planned utopias of African socialism” (K, Eshun. 2003)

The screening forms part of Dennis’ exploration of the modalities of Pan African seminal texts, Independence era social imagination and the il/legitimacies of the “mid-century dream” via his Temporary Research Archive. The film will form the base for a open conversation around questions of transcendental/utopian projections of social imagination, dreams and fictions; and the colonial revenge - particularly in relation to how these ideas reconstitute themselves in the future orientated present. As Frantz Fanon revolted in the name of the future against a power structure that relied on control and representation of the historical archive. (K, Eshun. 2003)

Order of Screenings:

First screening is the introduction to “The Last Angel of History” (1996, dir: John Akomfrah)

Second screening of “Lumumba”(2000, dir: Raoul Peck)

Thereafter, an open conversation hosted by Nolan Oswald Dennis, VANSA, and an invited guest speaker.

Soup and wine will be served.

Event SoundtrackThe Independent jukebox playlist which featured at the PAN!C event “What is Independent?” developed by artist Tresor Malaya and Patrick Mudekereza (Picha) in a mirror residency at Picha in Lumumbashi, Congo.

Date: Wednesday 28 May
Time: 18:30
Screenings are free; however, please RSVP by 23 May to to book as seats are limited.

bibliography:(K. Eshun. 2003. Further considerations on afrofuturism. The New Centennial Review Vol. 3. number 2. Michigan State University Press)


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