Open office Quarter One: Nolan Oswald Dennis

At the end of his first month as an Open Office resident at VANSA, Nolan Oswald Dennis hosted Malose Malahlela solo’s exhibition entitled 'because I had sound&video tech in my backpack- L F ST L 'a video and live sound piece installation.

The collision of large screen tv’s and projections in the space filled the VANSA office on the last Saturday of the month of March 2014. This was the first public engagement of this year and also the fisrt event hosted by Open Office resident Nolan Oswald Dennis.

At Dennis’ first public occasion, the artist in residency hosted video and sound artist Malose Malahlela. The event combined a sound ontology performance by Malahlela, alongside a textual installation of Dennis’s process and ongoing research work.

Dennis’ installation consisted of a looped video of text excerpts from his ongoing research, screened against a collaged wall of his references and process work. By layering text on text/text against text, the installation forms part of an early exploration of the ‘echo chamber’ as a key concept in his engagement with Pan African discourses; and the first articulation of his work: Temporary Research Archive.

Dennis’ video and text installation ran throughout the evening providing, in its looping shifts from light to dark a visual tempo to Malahlela’s sound and video performance. The hour long screening took place in the space at exactly 8pm with a brief introduction to his process and the history of the work. As the audience filled the space and became part of the imagery and live sound, the experience of stillness was established with commanding imagery and tones collected and later imagined through Malahlela’s use of field recordings, found sounds and live collaboration with a guitarist, trumpeter and dj,

Malahlela’s screening and sound exhibit, reconstructed in real time, the fragmented and continuous urban sonic landscapes from which his work is derived- the audio work was punctuated by a two screen video installation in which Malahela’s synchronized visuals took the audience through a travelling narrative involving scenes of in which the artist explored objects and their positioning in moving space.

This event served to introduce Malahlela as an ongoing collaborator in Dennis’ open office residency.


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