Open Office Two: Megan Mace

“Artists have always travelled* to the farthest corners of the world, in search of isolation and inspiration. – nothing new about that – * By the way, don’t forget to pack loneliness.” (Wiersma.Y. 2009)

Megan Mace’s three month open office residency at VANSA ended with an event on Wednesday 17 September 2014. The event served as a display of process work undertaken whilst in residency; engaging in questions that frame notions and aspects of planning towards and participating in an artist residency.

The premise for Mace’s focus during her time at the open office residency was a response to the lack of contained and structured information regarding artist residencies within the African continent. Therefore one of the principal outcomes of her stay has been an ongoing development of research on this matter and mapping out various platforms and organisations offering art residency programs.

Mace’s take is a more illusive, playful approach to the display of research outcomes, which reflect on the nature of her own artistic process. It will manifest in the form of an installation of trinkets, texts, fragments and ideas, which served as a guide for thinking towards and mapping of Artist residencies within the continent.

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