Revolution Room Project Update: March 2014

In early February this year, VANSA travelled to Lubumbashi (DRC) for the second phase of the Revolution Room project. Similar to last year's project development workshop in Cosmo City, west of Johannesburg, this included public fora that directly informed the strategy of the project and a series of workshops aimed at formulating a methodology for public practice within this area.

Revolution Room is a collaborative project between VANSA and Picha that forms part of our two-year collaboration. While the South African part of the project focuses on one area, the DRC component will look at three different contexts: Gecamines in Lubumbashi - a post-mining community within the city, Kiloville in Fungurume, just north of Lubumbashi - contemporary mining community and Moba, on the west coast of Lake Tanganyika - which presents some interesting alternatives to the standard colonial history and narratives.

The programme, put together by our partner, ranged from workshops, city-walks, public discussions and research findings from previous and current projects by our partners and thinkers, artists and historians from the DRC.

The workshop also provided us with invaluable insight into the Lubumbashi creative industry, the work of Picha and allowed us to more fully appreciate the way that these two contexts will interface, collaborate and move toward a more inclusive and responsible public art practice that reflects the current contemporary thinking emerging within this field.

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