Norms and Standards are industry protocols, usually developed by an industry body, by which all stakeholders can or must operate. Legislated norms and standards (such as minimum wages) are norms and standards that must be followed. Guidelines are norms and standards that indicate best practice but are not legislated.

VANSA, with the Department of Art and Culture, is in the process of developing Norms and Standards guidelines that will serve as best practice benchmarks for the visual arts (i.e. not legislated but rather serving as an informational tool). These guidelines are there to assist artists, administrators, government, and companies amongst others, to engage in professional practice at all times. The norms and standards enable all practitioners in the visual arts to have an understanding of what constitutes best practice in various areas of the visual arts. These areas include professional exhibition practice, residencies, workshops and wages among a number of other issues.

It is important that the Norms and Standards for the Visual Arts in South Africa meet the needs of all players in the sector. In order to ensure this to the best of our ability, we will run a consultation session to get all inputs on what to include, what the issues are and what the standards should be.

More information will be published on our website soon. For further details on the Norms and Standards Project email handbook@vansa.co.za.  

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