ARTCONNECT presents Jo’burg, Jo’burg, Orlando and Wemmer Pan a series of interventions

Date: Saturday the 10th of March
Time: All day programme from 11pm to 9 pm (see below)
Venues: Various locations in and around Johannesburg and Soweto (see below)

Launched by VANSA in September 2011, ARTCONNECT set out with the aim to explore the imaginative reuse and animation of non-arts spaces outside of the established contemporary art circuits in Gauteng. The ARTCONNECT project has served to create a unique opportunity for young artists to develop their practice with curatorial and technical support from the VANSA network.

Over the last few months, Sikhumbuzo Makandula, Fulufhelo Mobadi, Naadira Patel, Zakara Raitt & Victoria Wigzell have been working closely with the VANSA staff and mentors: Ra Hlasane from Keleketla! Library and artists Dorothee Kreutzfeldt, Vaughn Sadie and Anthea Moys. In these sessions with their mentors they have sought to develop their projects from concept through to realisation and to take to undertake a closer look at what creative public intervention means in the context a city like Johannesburg and why the sustained development of their practice and process is important for younger artists. Two public interactions were staged - at the VANSA space in Johannesburg and at the Santarama Miniland site in Wemmerpan - to generate dialogue and a community of interest around the projects.

On Sat the 10th of March these five young artists will present the outcomes of this process of exploration, dialogue and experimentation. These interventions and performances will happen in various venues throughout the city.

Directions will be sent out next week and a guests are welcome to join the artists and VANSA for a drink at the VANSA offices at 7:30 pm.

Sikhumbuzo Makandula
Orlando Towers in Soweto, 11am and 3pm

Makandula practice reflects on the meaning and uses of ritual both within religious practice and the more mundane practices of everyday repetition and use of derelict and overlooked public space. Looking into both the old, new and proposed use of this space, Makandula will be presenting a performance that will be an investigation into religion, skateboarding street culture, abandonment and ownership.

Fulufhelo Mobadi
Various sites within the Johannesburg CBD, 1pm

Mobadi, primarily a photographer, has produced a series of photographs – as part of her preliminary research - that explored the dead and in-between spaces of abandoned buildings within the city and will present a roving intervention that encompasses her attempt to move the image off the wall and to insert both herself, the photograph and the performance aspects of her work into the complex three dimensional space of a city in flux.

Naadira Patel
Santarama Miniland, 6pm

Primarily interested in spectacle, Patel will be presenting a series of interventions within Miniland that looks to how the concept of the real vs simulation and the role this plays within the psychological mapping and perception of the city and how this is reflected within pop culture and play.

Zakara Raitt & Victoria Wigzell
Cnr Main and Eloff, Johannesburg CBD, 11am and 3pm

Raitt and Wigzell through a sustained investigation into the forms of transport within the city and particularly the way in which the informal public transport system symbiotically conforms to and to a larger degree shapes our negotiation of the city will be presenting a series of interventions that look at this culture. Of particular interest to them is the manner in which these potential passengers shape the invisible and physical nodes of travel and the process and act of waiting.

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