Our work has been developed and sustained through a variety of partnerships at a regional, local and international level.


The partnership arises out of an extended dialogue between VANSA in South Africa, and Picha, a multi-dimensional arts project/collective based in Lubumbashi in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Since 2013, the two organisations have been working on the development stage of a project titled PAN!C – Pan-African Network of Independent Contemporaneity. The project has been conceptualised around the mapping of independent initiatives across the continent (using a similar methodology to VANSA’s, as a tool for the development of networks of exchange, collaboration and opportunity.


Underpinning the partnership is a basic interest in working together in ways that develop and expand the capacities and scope of both organisations, and also seek to enable and strengthen wider and open networks of project-based collaboration with partners elsewhere on the continent. In the first instance we are jointly concerned with ways in which the two organisations could work together to stimulate stronger creative collaborations and relationships between organisations and creative practitioners across both Francophone and Anglophone Africa more broadly.

The conceptualisation and realisation of projects through such a network takes as a point of departure a set of concerns and interests shared by the two organisations, rooted in the complex and sometimes ‘panicked’ realities of each national context (SA and DRC):

  • The development of projects exploring creative practice in the public realm
  • The development of critical dialogue on the role of museums in the continent
  • The development of networks and a community of practice around work inthis area across the continent

Arterial Network
Arterial Network South Africa is a Chapter of Arterial Network - a dynamic network of individuals, organizations, donors, companies and institutions engaged in the African creative and cultural sector.

The Chapter was established in 2010 when local committees were set up in Cape Town, Johanesburg and Durban and a National Steering Committee elected. The South African Chapter is made up of membership based organisations active in the arts, culture and heritage sector in South Africa, as well as arts organisations, artists, creative practitioners, administrators and activists.




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