I/Mages of Tomorrow 2017 - call for submissions

Envisioning black futures, POC futures, queer & trans futures, feminist futures. The last twelve months have seen the fruition of a new wave of extreme right-wing political and ideological power in the West. In such a moment of dejection and exhaustion, we need images of tomorrow.

This conference calls for artworks, papers, performances, films, rituals, panels, discussions and sharings that de-centre fascist oppression and hold ground for visions that move forwards. We welcome submissions from activists, artists, academics, community organisers, scientists and tech-creators. I/Mages of Tomorrow encourages proposals whose biology actions change rather than presenting it.

I/Mages of tomorrow invites activists, artists, academics, film-makers, community organisers, scientists and tech-creators to consider what can be achieved when we come together as people of colour, as black and brown bodies, as queer, trans and non-binary voices and do not only talk about whiteness, patriarchy, islamaphobia, racism, or homophobia. Blackness will be explored not only in the diasporic context in which it operates almost always in the position of minority, but from the perspective of majority narratives from geopolitical and geographical locations in which whiteness is not the normalised, de-politicised default.

We welcome submissions addressing critical whiteness by white and white-migrant bodies speaking out on privilege, solidarity, silence, giving space and calling out. This anti-conference conference will be an immersion in the impossible materialised, a beautiful and empowering attempt at community, healing, creation, a challenging and unsettling exploration of our capacity to invoke dreams and to enact them into reality.

I/Mages of tomorrow prioritises black and brown, queer and trans, people of colour voices and we especially encourage those submissions.

For full submission guidelines download this PDF

Deadline for submissions is 5 March 2017. Email imagesoftomorrow@protonmail.com with any queries. 

I/Mages of tomorrow is hosted by the Centre for Feminist Research, Goldsmiths and will take place from 2-4 June 2017.

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