At the Windybrow Arts Centre there are three containers that need life! If you have a fun, participatory, creative idea on how to activate the space for June 16th, and potentially beyond, apply now!

At the Windybrow Arts Centre there are three containers that need life! On June the 16th there will be an event at the Windybrow with live bands, food and various activities. We call on all creatives: artists, designers, musicians, writers, dancers, inventors, chefs, singers, choirs, djs to apply! What do you envision happening in this rectangular space for a day on the 16th of June? Is it a space to learn, to watch, to dance, to discuss? It is a space to make, to play, to draw or to take notes? ‘(UN)CONTAINED’ will be as you make it as you take ownership of this space and help us breathe life into the Windybrow Arts Centre.

Priority will be given to ideas that take the following into consideration:

  • Idea is PARTICIPATORY in nature
  • There is potential for the idea to have a life after the event on the 16th
  • Idea incorporates and/or invites a fun way of ‘dreaming’ for the Windybrow- what this space could be for people in Johannesburg
  • Idea works really creatively with the space of the container itself and responds to this potential constraint in an interesting way
  • Idea is fun, engaging, inviting, participatory and expansive!
  • Budget: R10 000 per container including materials etc

Deadline: Friday 9th June

You can submit up to one idea per container.

Please send the following to anthea@thecolouredcube.co.za by 5pm on Friday 9th June:

  • Maximum half page proposal (max 200 - 300 words) and half page bio and budget.
  • Time line – how and when you plan on installing
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