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The main aim of the award is to boost the creation of Artist Books among the creative community.

IV Ankaria Artist Book Award

The Ankaria foundation has set up the IV Ankaria Artist Book Award, an initiative that started three years ago with the “Painted Word” exhibition. The main aim of the award is to boost the creation of Artist Book among the creative community, and after the fruitfuls editions, the Foundation has decided to continue and announces the third edition of the prize.

The winner will get to add their work to the “Painted Word” next stop as the exhibit continues its itinerancy around Spain. This show houses a great variety of artistic languages from different artists and techniques, and it is revealed as a living thing, constantly evolving, growing with each new edition and continue to provide news about the exciting world of the artist’s book.

Rules and Requirements:

  • Artists or groups may participate without any nationality or age restriction
  • Each artist will present a single work via email
  • Open subject
  • No restrictions in size or format
  • The work will be presented in any artist’s book – book object format
  • The prize will be the purchase of the work and its inclusion in the Painted Words exhibition. In addition, the winner will appear at g&e magazine with an article on their work.
  • The jury will be composed by the board of Ankaria Foundation and representatives of the University of Cantabria
  • The prize will be of 2500€ for the winner and 1000€ for the second place

Deadline for submissions is 30 June 2017

Necessary documents:

  • Biography and Artist statement,
  • a complete registration form,
  • Maximum 3 images of the work (the Foundation may ask for the shipping of the work if it is considered impossible to evaluate with the provided pictures)
  • All documents must be submited to info@fundacionankaria.org stating in the subject “IV Ankaria Artist Book Award – Work’s Title – Artist’s Name and Last Name“.
  • Each of the documents must be titled with the following information in this exact format: NAME OF THE WORK_Last Name.Name


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