The Sun Exchange #SolarIsTheFuture Art Competition

The Sun Exchange is a crowd funding platform for financing solar projects in Africa. Our next project is to fund a micro-grid to provide electricity to 800 people in Lesotho. To raise awareness of this project and solar energy, we are running an Art Competition encapsulating the theme #SolarIsTheFuture.

Through The Sun Exchange you can earn solar powered income by providing sustainable energy to those that need it. Our next project will provide clean and affordable electricity to a whole mountain community in rural Lesotho. It'll provide reliable lighting for children to learn and connectivity for families and businesses to interact with the rest of the world.

To highlight the benefits of our democratic approach to electrification we are running this #SolarIsTheFuture art competition. We invite you to submit an image that depicts your vision of how solar energy is changing the world and the future of Africa. The artist behind the artwork that gets the most votes gets the solar plant named after them. They also gets 50 solar cells in the project potentially worth over R60k (~$4500) of solar powered income.

You don't need to be an artist: Everyone that submits and votes for an artwork will be entered into a prize draw to win 1 of 10 solar cells worth over R1000 (~$75) each!

We are running the competition through Facebook.

The Rules

Upload an artwork that befits the theme of #SolarIsTheFuture. It can be anything, a photo, illustration, painting, graffiti, even a haiku. We really don't mind as long as it expresses how you feel about solar power in Africa.

  • From 18th of April 2017 the public will be voting for their favourite. Share your entry with your friends to get votes!
  • On the 16th of May 2017 the artwork that received the most votes during the contest will be declared the winner. Your name will be immortalized as the name of this state-of-the-art solar powered micro-grid and you will earn 20 years of solar powered income.
  • After the competition: We will invite contributors of original works to sell their work at a public #SolarIsTheFuture exhibition & silent auction in Cape Town. The proceeds of sale are for the artist to keep, or, at their option be used to purchase solar cells for the micro-grid at Ha Makebe which willl in turn secure that artist partial ownership of the solar plant and she/he will receive 20 years of solar powered income from it.


For more information on the Sun Exchange and their projects visit


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