South African Cultural Observatory: 1st NATIONAL CONFERENCE - CALL FOR PAPERS

Proposals from relevant disciplinary and interdisciplinary fields that demonstrate relevance to the themes and subject matter outlined below will be considered. Proposals from practitioners, organisations and interested parties in all cultural domains are welcome.

Areas of interest include: Cultural and natural heritage; museums; performance and celebration arts and festivals; visual arts and crafts; film production and distribution; the digital cultural economy; book publishing; recording, broadcasting, audio-visual media and multimedia; and design and creative services.

Proposals for papers and presentations should take the form of an abstract of between 150-200 words.

Proposals for popular or academic panel discussions should be accompanied by a short rationale, abstract or motivation, no longer than 300 words, and a short outline of the speaker’s experience in the field.

Prompt consideration will be given to all submissions and candidates will be notified within 7 days whether their submissions have been accepted.

Papers, presentations and panel discussions are invited within the following thematic areas:

  • International, Regional and African Experiences and Best Practice
  • Culture and development: the Sustainable Development Goals
  • Globalisation and culture
  • Trends in CCI sectors
  • Creativity, quality of life and the new prosperity
  • Creative cities and regions
  • Mapping and measuring the CCI sectors
  • Satellite accounting for the creative industries
  • International case studies and best practice examples
  • Towards more integrated monitoring & evaluation approaches to the CCI
  • The CCI in a continental and regional context
  • Case studies from Africa
  • The value of functional linkages and partnerships in the CCI
  • The private sector’s role in advancing and mapping the impact of the CCI
  • Cultural policy and cultural diplomacy

The South African Experience

  • Consolidation of a South African research agenda for the cultural domains
  • Mapping the CCI in South Africa – empirical material and methodological challenge
  • Monitoring and evaluating cultural events and activities: consideration of a framework
  • Establishing and refining a cultural statistical economic framework for South Africa: challenges and collaborative opportunities
  • Case studies of the cultural and creative economy
  • Creative industries’ labour markets
  • Arts markets: new developments
  • Funding the arts: challenges in a new era of frugality
  • Arts organizations: new developments and opportunities
  • The economics, value and management of the performing and visual arts
  • Creative clusters and urban development
  • Cultural entrepreneurship and business
  • Cultural policy and cultural diplomacy
  • Cultural tourism at national and sub-national levels
  • Heritage capital and development
  • The digital creative economy
  • The role of digital and online systems for capturing and mapping impact of the CCI sectors
  • The political economy of culture in South Africa: case studies


Please submit your abstract via the SACO2016 website by 4 April 2016

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