The Coloured Cube is a small creative business; we work on a range of projects relating to making, curating, social engagement and education.


  • Filmography and recording events – making You Tube Videos and photographing events.
  • Social media strategy and implementation – we manage/have access to 4 Facebook accounts and an intern would have the opportunity to learn how to post and the strategy behind social media campaigns relating to specific projects.
  • Graphic design for branding at activations and exhibitions – Vinyl design and computer work in creating designs and print ready placements
  • Curating and project management – we are always looking for curatorial based tenders
  • For UJ Post Graduate School of Architecture we work on a minimum of 5 exhibitions a year including their major end of year Summer Show.
  • Every project we do has project management and the intern will be given responsibilities for them to grow and learn.
  • Creative Co-Lab - We have a maker space at our workshop that has all the master architectural students (85 students) coming in and out during the year for their Design Realisation Portfolio.
  • The intern will have access to this space, the tutoring and assist the technical director as and when is needed.
  • Large art work manufacture (sculptural and 2d art) so far we have had 2 or 3 projects of this nature annually. They involve design work, client liaison and implementation – the intern will be involved in this process and take on jobs that they are capable of within their skills set.
  • Activations and public talks/engagements
  • These activations include workshops and teaching. The intern will learn how to do this and be given the opportunity to engage a group of people and the skills to speak in public spaces.
  • Report writing, documentation and administration – There are two parts to every project – the back end and the front end. The intern will be challenged to look for new potential projects (and shown the skills for this searching), assisting with invoicing, report writing, proposal writing and conceptualising.
  • The ‘Dirty’ Space – Alongside our Creative Co-lab maker space, we have what we call the ‘dirty’ space. In this space cabinet making, welding, spraying and the hard manufacture take place. We have a technical director and three workshop staff who specialise in one aspect of the dirty. The intern will shadow them and make with them, learning more about the making behind an art company.

In Addition

We work hard at The Coloured Cube with a team of innovators and go-getters. You will need to be a pusher, a doer and be able to work with people as well as alone. The company is young and there is a need for accountability, ideas and ownership. Learn how to implement projects and entrepreneurship. At times you will be thrown in the deep end and you have to be willing to learn how to swim! There3 are many components at The Coloured Cube and through this internship you will experience all of them – then you will be given an option of where you want to grow and develop.

Minimum requirements

  • Diploma/Degree in the creative sector,
  • Never been through an internship before.
  • Originally from Mpumalanga (but maybe studying in Johannesburg).
  • If you are still studying a letter from your tertiary institution will be needed.
  • CV
  • Contact Details
  • Certified copy of ID and Qualification certificate dated October 2017.
  • Please email your submission to

We reserve the right not to appoint.

Deadline for Application: 20 October 2017.

Duration: 12 month paid internship (details to given later).





This position is part of VANSA's organisational internship programme and is enabled through support from The Culture, Art, Tourism, Hospitality, and Sport Sector Education and Training Authority (CATHSSETA) and The National Lotteries Commission (NLC).


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