Call for funding: Commonwealth Foundation

The Commonwealth Foundation has opened a call for grant applications. The funding is for sustainable development projects that contribute to effective, responsive and accountable governance with civil society participation. The grant focuses on four areas namely; Creative Expression, Capacity Development, Constructive Engagement, and Learning and Sharing.

This call is open to civil society organisations (CSOs).
The funding is up to £30,000 per year (approx R650 000).

Grants programme objectives

The grants programme has three objectives:

  1. To deliver an efficient and effective programme which is responsive to the development needs of CSOs across the Commonwealth.
  2. To complement the effectiveness of the Foundation’s projects by providing grants to CSOs beyond those supported through the programme work.
  3. To generate knowledge and understanding of participatory governance and its benefits in promoting effective, responsible and accountable governance within the Commonwealth by supporting models of good practice.

The project will need to address one of the following five focus areas:

  1. Creative expression - You are an organisation that works in the field of creative expression and you wish to make unique creative contributions to public discourse and/or strengthen local creative sectors to support the work of writers and other storytellers in civil society.
  2. Capacity development - You are a civil society organisation engaging in policy advocacy that wishes to have a stronger voice and message to effect change. You could be part of advocacy network, coalition or working group and you wish to enhance your effectiveness to engage constructively with the institutions in governance and/or the private sector at grass roots, national or regional level strengthen the links with, and participation of your members and constituents in advocacy processes at grass roots, national or regional level.
  3. Constructive engagement -You are a civil society organisation working to participate effectively in a constructive engagement process with institutions in governance and/or the private sector. You could be working on issues at grass roots, national or regional level with a view to: 
    - Developing policy and influencing decision making. 
    - Advocating for policy implementation or policy change.
  4. Learning and sharing - You are a civil society organisation working on a policy/advocacy issue who wishes to adapt a model of good and fit practice from another organisation, to help deliver your organisation’s work.

Dowload application form questions and guidelines

Deadline: 5 January 2016


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