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The Distributing Agency for Arts, Culture, Environment and National Heritage, established in terms of the Lotteries Act (No. 57 of 1997), is in a position to consider applications for funding from the proceeds of the National Lottery in a targeted call for applications aligned to regulations published in Government Gazette No. 33398. Deadline: 29 April 2011.


The Distributing Agency for Arts, Culture, Environment and National Heritage, established in terms of the Lotteries Act (No. 57 of 1997), is in a position to consider applications for funding from the proceeds of the National Lottery in a targeted call for applications aligned to regulations published in Government Gazette No. 33398. 
Items 2 and 3 of part 1 of Gazette No. 33398 states that:
“(2)  The priorities for distributing the funds must contribute to developmental needs, enhancement of social and moral responsibility, and economic viability of programmes designed to advance rural, under privileged and poor communities.
(3) Of the total allocation available for distribution by a distributing agency at least 50% shall be directed towards the following priority areaso
  • (d) Support for courses designed to protect and promote traditional knowledge and cultural expressions;
  •  (e) Promotional work of arts and craft produced by groups of disabled people and women;
  • (f) Development and preservation of cultural heritage sites for revenue generation including tourism attraction, and economic viability for the community; and /or
  • (g) Promote and support entrepreneurial development through training of women and providing necessary infrastructure and facilities for farming projects as a primary response to economic development and reduction of unemployment levels.”
To facilitate the adjudicating process, specific qualifying criteria are being advertised for each of the following sub-sectors: Arts, Culture, Environment/Eco-Tourism and Heritage (tangible and intangible) as detailed below.
Applications for funding are invited from historical, natural, cultural and architectural heritage organisations, CBOs, NGOs, Parastatal Bodies, Section-21 Companies, Non-Profit Trusts, Educational Institutions, Associations or Juristic persons.  
Details of supporting documentation and information are provided in the prescribed application form as well as the 2011 Guidelines. 
PLEASE NOTE: Only one application per organisation will be accepted. Organisations with multiple projects must ensure that only ONE application is submitted clearly identifying all the different projects.
Registered Organisations that are not in a position to meet the above requirements of signed financial statements for the two most recent years are requested to apply in partnership  with established organisations. There must be a signed  standard NLDTF Memorandum of Understanding (available with the application pack and  on the NLB website)  between the two parties. The established/assisting organisation 
can assist a maximum of two organisations. 
The NLDTF does not fund profit-making organisations like Close Corporations, Co-operatives and Pty (Ltd). Partnership arrangements between non-profit organisations and Close Corporation’s / Co-operatives / Pty (Ltd) are not permitted. Applications from previously funded organisations that have projects underway will ONLY be considered once they are in their last tranche or about to complete the project. Funds for the new projects will be released after submission of the Final Report on previously funded projects. 
Please note that in this targeted call for applications, projects applied for should not be for more than 1 year. Further, funding will be targeted towards applications  from rural areas, with priority given to Eastern Cape, Free State, KwaZulu Natal, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, Northern Cape and North West.  These projects should be designed to serve the community by developing activities in the areas of Arts, Heritage (Cultural and 
Natural), Indigenous Knowledge Systems and Environmental projects in under-served communities.
The Distributing Agency will consider applications in each of the above sub-sectors from organisations engaged in specific activities, as detailed below:
Focus will be on cultural organisations across all genres in order to encourage the development and production of new, original work with a strong South African cultural flavour, including but not limited to Music, Dance, Literature, Film, Visual Arts, Craft, Theatre, etc.
Craft and Visual Arts (10%): Indigenous Art and Craft Fairs and Exhibitions with emphasis on development towards self sustainability.
Traditional Festivals (10%): Festivals that promote indigenous dance, music, theatre and storytelling.  
Film Production and Distribution (10%):  Funding will be made available to organisations involved in the production of Films and Documentaries with distinctive traditional stories and practices. 
Language and Literature (10%): Priority will be given to projects linked to organisations, language bodies and  writers’ guilds which aim to promote  production and publication of literary and language works in indigenous languages. 
2. HERITAGE (30%)
Priority will be given to organisations that submit proposals focussing on the following areas:
Documentation of heritage;
Indigenous Knowledge Systems;
Exhibition of heritage.
In order to access funding, organisations should be involved in one or more of the focus areas such as following:
Farming projects targeting  the training of women farmers and the provision of facilities;
Greening of school environment and creation of vegetable gardens. Waste management and clean-up operations; Regeneration, rehabilitation and sustainable management of affected environments; Planting of indigenous plants and trees;
Youth environmental education and programmes.
Late and/or incomplete applications will not be accepted. 
Faxed/electronic applications will not be considered.
Applications on CD will not be accepted.
Organisations/Institutions applying must be registered in South Africa.
In order to be considered for funding within the scope described above, completed applications on the prescribed application form (FORM 2010/1) together with supporting information, must reach the NLDTF by the closing date of 29 April 2011. Please try and get applications in as early as possible.Organisations that meet the criteria as set out above are invited to obtain an Application Pack from the NLB website, or obtain a hard copy via:
Central Applications Office – Arts Sector
Private Bag X101
Brooklyn Square
National Lotteries Board Information Centre
Block B, Hatfield Gardens
Cnr. Arcadia and Hilda Streets
Telephone: 08600 65 383
The Distributing Agency for Arts, Culture and National Heritage reserves the right not to make any 
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