‘White Curtains’/ group exhibition

As part of the VANSA initiated To-Let Project, White Curtains features a selection of multi-disciplinary artists who live, work and think in Sea Point. Together they create a free space that ignites contemplation and critical conversation.

27 August - 3 September / 277 Main Road (Adelphi Centre), Sea Point, Cape Town
White Curtains is an art intervention site-specific to Sea Point residential area.  

Inspired by the poem ‘My White Curtain’, written by Nokulunga Zondo the artists explore the current normative standards of living, interacting and occupying the area. The geographical location of the space and collaborative nature determines and guides the content of the works and their meanings in relation to one another in the medium of paper works, video and installation.

Further, each work is imbued with its own individual imagination, and through the motif of the white curtain, inherent meanings of contrast are highlighted from what is aesthetically beautiful to a shield of the truth and from what is morally superior to a mask of the perverse.
For a week only come invade a commercial space and turn it into an island of relational aesthetics.

Curated by Valerie Geselev // co-curator: Naz Ping
Supported by Visual Arts Network of South Africa (VANSA)

Frank Lunar (illustration) // Malik Ntone Edjabe (video) // Janet Ranson (installation) // Atang Tshikare (mapping) // special guest from KZN: Nokulunga Zondo (poetry)

On view 24/7 * FREE * all welcome!

To Let - Paperworks & Performance Factory* is a flash gallery that opens once a month in the Cape Town CBD. It is always in a temporary venue, a vacant space that is ‘To-Let’.
These works generally are paperworks (illustrations, paintings, drawings, photography) or performance and video. The project aims to foster relationships with emerging art collectors, budding curators and young artists in the city of Cape Town. This model is based on similar efforts in the UK and the US which have proven successful not only for the arts industry but for partnering realtors also as they created greater exposure and worked as vehicles for community engagement that had previously not been explored. The third and equally important part of the project, aims to grant emerging young curators the space to showcase their potential and extend their language.

Cape Town enjoys a vibrant visual arts culture with players from all economic strata and as such mostly fails to meet all the needs of these groups equally. This project aims to bridge a gap between the buying market and the artist, without prejudice based on education, previous experience and or community. In inviting various curators from all over the province To Let* aims to bring to the arts community those artists that work in the fringes of the city centre which for years has been seen as the nucleus of the visual arts industry. By partnering with festival makers from inside the Karoo, coastal Western Cape and rural Western Cape, To Let* aims to render a more inclusive portrait of the Western Cape visual arts scene.

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This project is funded by the National Lottery Distribution Fund

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