LES IS MORE CAMPAIGN: Fine Art and Photography Auction to raise funds for Lesley Perkes from Art@Work

Auction @ Gallery MOMO Thursday 25 June 2015 | Preview: Tuesday 23 & Wednesday 24 June 2015

Lesley Joy Perkes (17 June 1961 – 13 February 2015) dedicated her life to providing access for every South African to arcane, mysterious and delightful products of the imagination. She made a powerful and energetic contribution to growing our understanding of the role and status of art – particularly public art.

Uncannily in tune with the establishment which she heckled, she worked tirelessly for dialogue and creative solutions to our most challenging problems. She consistently put art on the agenda.

She created beauty by empowering artists and providing platforms for them to display their work to people who would not necessarily attend exhibitions. In this way she was a pioneer, a powerful voice for the voiceless,and a friend to the hopeless, ignored and silenced.

Like many of the artists she knew and loved, Lesley did not have medical aid. When she passed away due to a severe form of pneumonia, after only two chemotherapy sessions to combat Hodgkins’ Lymphoma, she left a gaping hole in the hearts of Johannesburg – even those who didn’t know her name. Although she worked so tirelessly for artists to be paid their due, she never received hers. As the sole breadwinner in her family, her pensioner mother and her 18-year old son need to settle the debts incurred by her untimely demise.

At the time of her passing, Gallery MOMO was collaborating with artists, friends and concerned people to raise the funding to cover her hospital costs. As a testament to the love and respect that Lesley inspired, many artists donated works of art to Gallery MOMO for an auction of art – the proceeds of which will benefit her grieving family as well as keep her legacy alive.

We call on all who knew her, or wished that they had, to support this campaign with all of their hearts, to dig deep in their pockets to keep alive the spirit of generosity that makes all art happen. With light and laughter,truth and commitment, energy and action - thus will our democracy progress.

This is a call for you to get involved with #LESISMORECAMPAIGN

  • If you are an ARTIST, donate your best artworks. Bring the artworks that matter. Let’s make this action a powerful voice and a chance for the art community to rally together for this cause.
  • DONATE generously. Donations can still be made to:

J Perkes
Capitec Bank
Branch code: 470010
Account: 1409019576
CABLZAJJ for international payments

This campaign cannot be pulled off without the generous offer of your time and energy. We need your help!


  • If you would like to make a cash donation please use the banking details above and send the proof of payment to karen@gallerymomo.com
  • If you would like to donate an artwork, please contact karen@gallerymomo.com / 084 071 0728 / 011 327 3247
  • For more infomation about the campaign please contact us!


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