New Gallery Opens in PE: Underculture Contemporary

Underculture Contemporary’s launch exhibition, For Play is a group exhibition of selected Eastern Cape and national artists. For Play aims to establish the future tone for the Underculture Contemporary gallery by providing a platform for engaging, conceptual South African art within the Eastern Cape.

Underculture Contemporary Fine Arts Gallery
98A Park Drive
Port Elizabeth

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Dates: Opening 23 October at 18:30 for 19:00
23 October - 19 November 2013


Growing the Arts: Underculture Contemporary

Welcome to Underculture Contemporary, a ground-breaking new gallery in Nelson Mandela Bay!

More than just a space to exhibit, the gallery has a long-ranging agenda to actively promote, market, and develop visual fine art in the metro. It aims to take the very best in local contemporary art into the public space and increase its accessibility to audiences.

Complementing its exhibition programme, Underculture Contemporary acts as an agency for emergent career artists and an art consultancy to individual and corporate buyers.

The Difference: Contemporary Fine Art

Underculture Contemporary is driven by a belief that, for art to truly come alive and have value, it must be so much more than simply visually appealing.

Fine art, and especially contemporary fine art, should talk to and challenge the viewer, not only visually, but also emotionally and intellectually. Like good conversation, it should engage, intrigue and stimulate. An encounter with an artwork should leave a lasting impression once the viewer has walked away.

For this reason, Underculture Contemporary is stringently selective about the artists it showcases. The gallery does not offer space to rent but rather invests in long-term relationships with key artists.

A Taste of Things to Come: Launch Exhibitions
The all-important launch exhibitions take place in October and November and will be group showings by invited artists.

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