Street artists and muralists interested in creating work relating to the resistance of state capture and the deepening of democracy in South Africa are invited to submit proposals for artworks they would like to produce but lack the funds to do so.

We are looking for artists to collaborate with in creating provocative public art that inspires unified public resistance to state capture through street art which is clear and conceptually accessible to the general public. Typically we imagine these targeting prominent public spaces, sites of memory, political significance, etc.

This could include, but is not limited to, graphic or text based art that:

  • Inspires people about what is possible through collective action
  • Reminds people what there is a need to fight against state capture
  • Celebrates and honors those who are already making a difference
  • Draws attention to particular events, ideas or questions relating to political accountability and deepening democracy
  • Brings segregated groups together to take action

Who we are

We’re an informal collection of citizens and artists inspired by a long-tradition of art and its
role in leading protest. Today more than ever we believe public art has a critical role to play
in the fight for freedom and democracy in South Africa. We believe that it is time once again for South African artists to claim back public spaces as the canvas of resistance.

Grants on offer:

  • One major grant of R40,000
  • Two secondary grants of R15,000
  • Four small grants of R2,500
  • Expert publicity support to promote the artworks of successful applicants at a national level

Apliaction prossec

Interested artists and social activists are invited to submit a short proposal (keep it really
clear and simple) with the following information:

  • Short informal personal bio – less than 50 words
  • Outline of concept – less than 250 words.
  • Sketch up of the planned artwork/artworks
  • Proposed location for artwork and motivation – less than 50 words
  • Simple timeline for completion
  • Indication of which grant you are applying for supported by basic budget
  • Simple portfolio of previous work if possible
  • Contact Information

Applications and any questions can be forwarded to us at

We ask that you think carefully about what support you really need, and apply for the grant
that best meets your needs. We have limited funds and the more artists we can share this
with the better.

Application deadline is the 30th of September 2017
Successful applicants will be notified by the 10th October 2017

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