The Living Art Room Studio Space in Cape Town

We have the perfect platform to get this Studio Space going and we are hoping to get wonderful artists to become a part of our resident artist group starting 1st August. We really want to create a beautiful artist community within the heart of Cape Town and I know that to connect the right people in the same space would only lead to greatness and possible collaborations and projects in the future.

The wonderful space upstairs in Zula has a beautiful glass atrium on the roof which allows natural light to flood in and bounce off of the walls that will be painted white. We also will be installing added lighting and there will be extension leads available if anybody would like to plug in their own side lamps or laptops. There is WiFi on all day and each artist will have a door sized trestle table to work on. Bring your own ipods and connect it to our great sound system. Now play nice and take turns please ;) Feel free to spill some paint on the tables and floors as we are not that fuzzed about that at all :) This space is going to be a proper working studio which will be open to those resident artists from 8am-5pm Mon-Sat every week. The only day we will be closed is on a Sunday. Otherwise, for the rest of the week treat that space upstairs as your home away from home. We will have a safe section where you may store your artworks and art materials and trestle tables will be moved in the evening depending on what workshop or recreational event is held. Which, just to add in here :), I will be holding atmospheric life drawing classes in the evenings if anybody would like to come along and enjoy a 2 and a half hour session of life-drawing with me. Lovely music will be playing, a fire will be lit on cold nights and there will be a 30minute interval where artists will be able to chat to the model/artists, get a drink, have a smoke and whatever else tickles their fancy. (Days, times and fees still in progress)


At the end of each Living Art Room month, an opening exhibition and Auction will be held for the 4 resident artists that booked the space beforehand. These special 4 artists will have 3 days in the beginning of the month to install 1-5 pieces of their work and will be able to work on their other commissions/personal work during the rest of the month until the Opening Exhibition and Auction is held at the end of the month. They will also be given a bulk of little business card-type flyers with their names and details of the upcoming exhibition displaying their work for auction, and during that month they will have a guest list of 10 people each per night as an added bonus and also to bring in people to see their work to market their own work. An artist profile will be created for them on the Living Art Room Facebook page and they will also be able to create their own Artist Profile on the official Zula Website where they may keep their artwork updated thereafter. Zula has a massive following after having been around for 8 successful years and so it would be in any artists favour in Cape Town to be supported and recognised by Zula. Zula will be advertising the Exhibition day to their selected data base and an added data base of elite art buyers. The Exhibition day will start at 2pm, free snacks will be served and an open bar with discounted wine will be available, at 4pm the auction will take place and at 6pm live music will start.

The studio space will be rented out to Artists for only R1500 per month

For Artists that would like to have the exhibition/auction at the end of the month, it would cost only R2500

If the exhibiting artists would like to rent out the space in the same month of their exhibition we shall give a R500 discount and they will only pay R3500 for studio space and the Exhibition

So Just to put down in Bullet form:

The resident artists that will be renting out the space for R1500 per month get:

  • Working hours: 8am-5pm Mon-Sat
  • A collective/communal studio space
  • Natural lighting
  • Trestle table
  • Storage space
  • Networking possibilities
  • Music
  • WiFi
  • And a restaurant and bar in same building where they can buy eats and drinks

And the resident artists that will be renting out the space and exhibiting at the end of the month for R2500 will get:

*All of the Above


  • Profile on Zula Website (created and updated by themselves)
  • A profile on The Living Art Room@Zula Facebook page
  • 3 days installation period in the beginning of month where they may install 1-5 pieces
  • A bulk of fliers advertising them and the upcoming exhibition
  • 10 free entries each @Zula Bar per night for your month of residency
  • An Opening Exhibition and Auction on the last Sunday of the month. Doors open at 2pm. Free Nibbles will be served. Discounted wine and open bar available. Auction starts at 4pm and Live music starts at 6pm. This will be advertised to a selected data bases and open to the public.

And, as the Art Facilitator, I will be making sure that the artists are all kept very happy and things are running smoothly. Any questions or queries, you may deal directly with me and I will be sure to advise you and make sure that everything is Golden. If you are interested or know of anybody that might be interested in renting the space and/or exhibiting, please do contact me via replying to this ad or calling or texting me on

071 394 9667.

Find out more at:

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