VANSA hosts a Legal Helpdesk to provide free basic legal advice to its members.

Best Practice Guide for the Visual Arts in South Africa 2016

The Visual Arts Network of South Africa (VANSA), with the support of the Department of Arts and Culture (DAC) is pleased to announce the launch of the Best Practice Guide for the Visual Arts in South Africa.


The draft of the Norms and Standards of the Visual Arts has been made available as of Friday 20 May. A discussion and consultation meeting took place in Johannesburg on 27 May 2016. We need your feedback on the draft paper - please submit by 23 June.

Free Legal Advice for VANSA Members

VANSA has initiated a Legal Helpdesk to provide free basic legal advice to its members.

Internship Toolkit: Book 1 of the VANSA Professional Practice Toolkit Series

The Visual Arts Network of South Africa, in partnership with Africalia, has run an internship programme for arts organisations around South Africa for a number of years.

AFAI Launches Free Artists’ Guide to Online Action

A new online toolkit, free to download, will guide and assist artists and arts organisations in the effective use of online and social media tools.

Proposal Writing, Workshop Notes.

Are you struggling to fund your artmaking? Are you looking for support or have you seen a great opportunity to apply for but are not sure about how to put together a proposal? Or are you interested in knowing more about the funding options available to artists?

Copyright For Visual Works of Art

Copyright is pictured, with some justification, as a complex area of law best left to experts. Yet, copyright in an artistic work is potentially a valuable source of income for the artist who created it, and it is therefore important for artists who make a living from their works to have a basic understanding of copyright. Financial benefits from the copyright in a work can endure long after the original work has been sold, since the copyright in an artistic work normally does not pass to the buyer with its sale. This article aims to set out how visual artists can use copyright to be remunerated from licensed use of their works, over and above the income generated by sales.

Art Sponsorship Management Toolkit

The BASA Art Sponsorship Management Toolkit is designed to develop a company's capabilities to plan, manage and executive more effective art sponsorships. In this way, enhanced sponsorship management practices can provide a business with a set of distinct capabilities that offer an additional source of competitive advantage. The toolkit will improve the skills and expertise of a company's sponsorship management team, which can help set a company apart from its competitors.

The Migrant Artist’s Handbook

A guide to living and working in Cape Town & Johannesburg in Cape Town last month.

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