Internship Toolkit: Book 1 of the VANSA Professional Practice Toolkit Series

The Visual Arts Network of South Africa, in partnership with Africalia, has run an internship programme for arts organisations around South Africa for a number of years.

The internship programme looks to support organisations in hosting and gaining from young, learning individuals who in turn are supported to grow their professional experience and contribute to the organisation. In 2014, an evaluation was conducted by VANSA to ascertain the continued challenges of internships in arts organisations in South Africa today.

The evaluation provided the content for this toolkit, which is derived from the experiences and learning’s of arts organisations and arts interns from various parts of the country, with differing contexts and needs. Based primarily in the case studies of the experiences of these organisations and interns, this toolkit looks to give hands on, useable techniques for organisations to manage good, productive, learning experiences. For the benefit of both the interns and the organisations themselves.

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