6 Day Animation Workshop at Greatmore Studios: 19–24 June 2017

GREATMORE STUDIOS in Woodstock, Cape Town, are hosting a FREE Animation Workshop from 19-24 June 2017.

One medium that encompasses a merger of the most traditional free hand mediums (drawing, collage and sculpting and etc.) to the most sophisticated technology (camera and computer software) is 2D/Cut-out and Stop Motion animation.

It is this merger of the traditional and the new that largely define the notion of new media. Even more so, importantly is the conceptualization of the process as part of the final artwork – a form of aesthetic conceptualization.

With this workshop, the idea is to spend 6 days with 12 artists interested in animation as a medium of expression. The 6 days will be spent discussing, conceptualising, experimenting (with tools and medium) as well as practical application of both the traditional elements and the technological for a final exhibition.

This FREE Workshop runs from 19-24 June , 9:30am – 16:30pm daily

Send applications to Zurina: info@greatmoreart.org

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