The Northern Winter Workshops Upcoming Public Events: 27 – 31 October

These events are part of the Northern Winter Workshops, a collective project that brings together art practitioners and cultural workers based in South Africa, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom around questions of decolonisation, art, and social justice.

27 October 11am-1pm
Decolonising Gender and Sexuality
Workshop with Jabu Pereira
Iranti-org Office
3rd Floor, 87 De Korte Str., Braamfontein
Johannesburg (SA)
Open to 10-15 people, please RSVP

This workshop engages developing an understanding of the body and the impact of coloniality on autonomy and freedoms. Exploring the works of several artists and working with some key texts on decolonization this workshop will examine bodily diversities and identities and breaking the oppression of the State, Religious groups and Cultural norms and practice.

28 October 10am–5pm

Individual tutorials
with Rachel Harlow, Thato Mogotski and Maria Fidel Regueros
ROOM Gallery & Projects
23 Voorhout Str., New Doornfontein,
Johannesburg (SA)
Open to 30 art practitioners, please RSVP

We welcome artists to sign up for an individual tutorial with curators Rachael Harlow, Thato Mogotski and Maria Fidel Regueros at ROOM Gallery & Projects, in which you can share finished projects or work in progress. The event is open to all who are interested to join but has a limited capacity of 30 participants; please RSVP via by 26 October. We ask you to also include either a short statement about your work (2-3 lines) or a link to your work online (website, blog, etc.).

29 October 11am–9pm

Gentle Dust
Workshop and performance with Mbali Khoza and Dorine van Meel
ROOM Gallery & Projects
23 Voorhout Str., New Doornfontein,
Johannesburg (SA)
Open to 10 art practitioners, please RSVP

We welcome artists, writers and singers to join us for a one-day workshop organised by artists Mbali Khoza and Dorine van Meel at ROOM Gallery & Projects. In this workshop we will look at the 'museum of modern art' as an institute of power that has been able to define the art discourse and the art canon, excluding a vast amount of artists and practices while presenting itself as global. We will discuss the need for self-organised project spaces versus the need to be included in the bigger institutions and their canon. Furthermore we will develop a number of performative and language-based interventions that will respond to questions around the decolonisation of institutions of display/places of exhibition. These visual/textual interventions will be presented in the space through the course of the evening.

31 October 4pm

Excavating and Profiling Hidden Photography Archives
Public Discussion facilitated by Market Photo Workshop
Hosted by June 16 Interpretation Centre
Johannesburg (SA)
Open to all interested in the topic of Black Photography Archives, please RSVP

Market Photo Workshop in partnership with Soweto Museums is hosting a Public Talk on excavating and profiling hidden photography archives within our township and rural communities. The discussion aims at getting a better comprehension of the status of photography collections within these communities and thereafter establish urgency to intervene with the purpose of saving the national heritage resource of this country and the region. Topics for discussions includes the following:

  • Excavating and Profiling hidden archives within own communities
  • Through these archives how to tell an alternative story to the master narrative of SA History
  • Writing those Archives from Places of obscurity to places of prominence
  • How to write about archives in a way that emphasises the particular instead of the universal and re-inscribe the ordinary into history

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