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Links to key South African art media and art critical platforms with an on-line presence.

ArtCoZa is a website featuring online portfolios of over 240 South African artists. The portfolios include artist's personal information and an image portfolio spanning their career. It represents a variety of visual arts from more traditional fields to contemporary art. Our online portfolios and social network presence will allow the public and the artists a more interactive platform and keep you in the know about artist updates, exhibitions happening around South Africa, reviews and other relevant art news happening in South Africa and around the world.

ArtHeat is an entertaining Cape Town-based on-line platform for criticism, news and artworld gossip, edited by Robert Sloon. is the premier internet space for the promotion of contemporary African art to a global audience since 2000. The website provides the latest news, features and Editorals from the Contemporary African Visual Art scene and the Diaspora.
ASAI operates as a critical platform and forum for research, debate and discussion on the position of the contemporary arts in Africa, and is particularly concerned with reconnecting South African art discourse to wider debates in the contemporary arts in Africa. It also provides a non-profit online platform for a range of contemporary African artists to profile themselves and their work. ASAI also co-produces and hosts the on-line African edition of critical journal Third Text Africa.
Art South Africa
Art South Africa is a quarterly magazine, which addresses issues around contemporary visual art in South Africa, as well as the crossover between art and fashion, architecture, music and design. ASA has won two Mondi Magazine Awards for Reviews Writing and Design and Illustration (2004).
 Art South Africa's editorial policy is to offer well-written, thorough journalism.  Writers are drawn from a variety of disciplines and both academic and non-academic contexts.
ArtThrob is South Africa's longest surviving contemporary visual arts wensite, reporting on the national arts scene and the involvement of South African artists in the international art world. Founded as a one-person site by Sue Williamson in August 1997, ArtThrob has three-times been a finalist in the Arts & Culture Trust Awards. In 1999 ArtThrob was nominated for the United Nations prize for best cultural website. In 2000 Berlin curator Pat Binder selected the site as an art piece in its own right and included it in an exhibition entitled 'Woven Maze' at the University of Hanover. The site includes reviews, news, listingscompield by a team spread across the country.
Chimurenga, a pan African publication of writing, art and politics has been in print since March 2002, featuring cutting edge commentary and projects concerned with creative practice across Africa. It was founded by Ntone Edjabe. The journal is published in print roughly three times per year, online monthly and through themed performances called "Chimurenga Sessions." The journal describes itself thus: “A flowering of organic schools of thought grown in backyard gardens, tilled and fertilised by the fundamentals of humanity preached and sometimes practiced.”  Chimurenga has a variety of linked creative projects involving collaboration with a continental and international network of practitioners and organisations.
The Dead Revolutionaries Club is a Johannesburg-based collective comprised of Kemang Wa Lehulure, Khwezi Gule, Sharlene Khan, Bandile Gumbi and Fouad Asfour. The Collective was formed in critical reaction to “the idea that there is something inherently progressive about contemporary art… as the instruments of oppression become more sophisticated the rhetoric of freedom becomes more pervasive”. Concerned by the lack of criticality in post-apartheid South Africa – both within the artworld and the wider society - the Collective is both an on-line critical platform, and an initiator of exhibitions, workshops and events that address these concerns.
TCH is an online periodical for experimental creative work by emerging and established writers and artists working in a wide variety of media. ITCH provides an independent, virtual space in which critical, creative, thoughtful and provocative expression and debate can take place, free from the limitations of the commercial media economy and the pressures of political influence.
One Small Seed is a quarterly magazine focused on contemporary youth and popular culture in South Africa, and aims to provide a global platform for South African creativity, traversing from fashion, design, art and architecture to music, film, urban lifestyle and photography. One Small Seed also has a linked on-line video streaming platform and a social networking site.
PostBox is an annual arts and culture (online and print) publication. It features upcoming/underground talent in: art, design, photography, graffiti, music, film, animation, poetry, hip-hop and breakdancing, fashion, architecture.
The South African Art Times is a monthly magazine produced by the company Global Art Information Directory, which also publishes the South African Art Information Directory on an annual basis, a comprehensive directory of visual arts businesses, organisations, service providers and institutions across the country. The magazine and associated website includes artworld news, reviews and commentary, as well as comprehensive listings of upcoming exhibitions countrywide and a lifestyle section.


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