Keeping Creativity and Arts Education a UNESCO Priority

It has been widely recognized that creativity is the vital ingredient that needs to be cultivated if we are all to survive and flourish in this 21st Century.

You may be aware of the current issue with UNESCO's rating of their 48 priorities, which means that Creativity and Arts Education may be deprioritised when the commissioners meet in Paris in November. If this happens, valuable Arts Education initiatives worldwide will lose funding and support and countries will have one more reason to deprioritise the arts in their spending and strategic planning.

Yvette Hardie, President of ASSITEJ has drawn up a petition, based on a letter received from Dr Ernst Wagner (UNESCO Chair in Arts and Culture in Education) about the issue, which is currently doing the rounds on Avaaz. There are already about 9,000 signatures but we need to increase that amount. The idea is to deliver the petition to the various National Commissioners just prior to the meeting in November.

The link to the petition is below - it only takes a few moments to sign and send:

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