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Pro Helvetia Cape Town: Opportunities and Calls for Projects: Call for Funding

Pro Helvetia Cape Town and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) have announced a new agreement for their support of the professional and contemporary arts in the Southern African region. A small amount of funding will remain available for supporting the distribution of individual arts projects to other areas in the Southern African region, preferably with a connection to the larger programmes.

The Escola São Paulo Paulo Arts Award for PIESP 2011/ 2012

PIESP is a training program for visual artists and curators who wish to develop and deepen their research and practice in the contemporary field. The second edition of PIESP comes with a 60% tuition reduction and offers seven full scholarships for its participants through special awards.

Assemblage: Bookbinding Workshop

Sarah Spring will be presenting a book binding Workshop on Saturday, 11 June 2011.


18th Street Arts Complex is a nonprofit residential arts center in Santa Monica that supports artists and arts organizations dedicated to issues of community and diversity in contemporary society. 18th Street maintains four programs that reflect its mission.

New Companies ACT & How Section 21 Co. are affected

1 May 2011 was D-DAY for the implementation of the Companies Act, 71 of 2008 (“New Act”). Companies are compelled to replace their Memorandum and Articles of Association with a Memorandum of Incorporation (MOI) and amend their Shareholders’ Agreements within a period of two years.

Research Fellow in Tangible/Intangible Heritage

Applications are invited for a Research Fellowship in the field of heritage broadly conceived. You should hold a PhD in a field related to the Heritage/Museum sector, with a research profile that demonstrates a sustained theoretical orientation that is simultaneously grounded in material practice.

Curator of Traditional African Art - New York

The Museum for African Art is accepting applications for a Curator of Traditional African Art. Applicants should have experience working in a museum and have completed a Ph.D. in Art History or Anthropology with an emphasis on African Art.

New course: Curating Exhibitions: The politics and aesthetics of display

Wits School of Arts is offering a new Honours- / Masters-level course in “Curating Exhibitions”, in the second semester of 2011. The course can be taken as an elective within the existing Honours/ MA programmes in WSOA.

A Joburger in Jakarta: Notes on Ruangrupa and the Art of the Network

Joseph Gaylard, the director of our Johannesburg office, recently visited Jakarta-based urban space collective Ruangrupa at the invitation of the Arts Collaboratory. Read his reflections on the experience below.

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