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16 August 2019

Opportunity Description

About Electric South

Virtual Reality, 3D Printing, Artificial Intelligence, Bio-Hacking, and beyond: tools that artists can use for creative expression are expanding and evolving. We believe that these new technologies must open up spaces for original voices and underrepresented narratives. This urgent need to showcase African stories in the medium of today inspired a 21st century production studio: Electric South.

Founded in 2015, we are a registered non-profit company based in Cape Town, South Africa and operating across the African continent. We are involved in the production of daring and urgent stories around African experiences; in building audiences and exhibition models for these stories in the local sector; and in the skills development required to advance a robust ecosystem of coopetition.

  1. Cultural Producer

The Cultural Producer at Electric South will drive initiatives that make great immersive storytelling possible. This will include developing international partnerships, securing production and operational financing, nurturing creative projects by pioneering African artists and running the day-to-day administrative operations of Electric South.

  1. Distribution Coordinator

The Distribution Coordinator will plan and execute the release of a growing slate of VR projects. This will include finding great African work to license, liaising with international festivals and events, and planning a new exhibition tour with partner venues across Southern Africa. The coordinator will teach local facilitators how to run their screenings and collaborate with them on curating content and programming for their audiences. The coordinator will seek out new venues, particularly in underserved areas, to screen projects.

How to Apply

Follow the corresponding links to apply for either position:

  1. Cultural Producer: https://forms.gle/mBcQipvg7YXbUDHj9
  2. Distribution Coordinator: https://forms.gle/QdktAK4KEDJrh5uJA