24 December 2018

Opportunity Description

The festival will take place from 26 April till 11 May 2019 in Leuven – Belgium.

What is YAFMA?

YAFMA is a competition for young African filmmakers (fiction / documentary / animation). The competition is organized by Afrika Filmfestival Leuven.

YAFMA is for filmmakers who are at the beginning of their career, without any age criteria. Filmmakers who have not yet directed a feature film can submit their production.

There are two categories, one for documentaries and one for fiction. It can be also an animation fiction/non-fiction film.

The annual Guido Huysmans Young African Film Makers Award (YAFMA) supports new African talent with the creation of quality films. Its objective is to create a positive vision of Africa in the media. The aim of the award is not only to help individual careers, but also be a meeting point for contact and dialogue for the African film world. To function as a strong community and develop a mutual understanding of cultural diversity.


Three prizes will be awarded:
Best fiction
Best documentary
Special mention of the jury (either fiction or documentary)
The total prize money is minimal 2000 euro.

The winning films will be shown at the Award Ceremony.

The films participating in the YAFMA contest will be shown twice during the festival. These projections will not be remunerated.

The winners will receive the award on condition that they accept one free reprogramming of the film by Afrika Filmfestival during the next edition of the festival or at an event linked to this prize. Extra public screenings will be paid a screening fee.

Afrika Filmfestival offers the possibility of distributing the winning films with Dutch (and possibly French) subtitles in Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg, with a non-commercial distributor, under the usual conditions.

YAFMA was first organized in 2015 in memory of Guido Huysmans (founder and director of Afrika Filmfestival) and is recognized as a philanthropic action by the King Baudouin Foundation.

A first selection of the submitted films will be made by the YAFMA-festival committee. The best entries will be submitted to an international jury.

How to Apply

Submitting your film is free of cost. Deadline for entry for the festival edition of 2019 is 24 December 2018. The results of the selection will be announced early February 2019.

  • All submitted films (fiction / docu / animation) must have either an English or French version (spoken or subtitles in one of these languages).
  • Films can be submitted online (via link – Vimeo, Youtube,) or by sending a dvd-copy. Also send the following information:

Required information

  • Category (fiction / non-fiction)
  • Title of the film
  • Synopsis: max 100 words in English and/or French
  • Short biography of the filmmaker: max 250 words in English and/or French, including any prof. training (workshops, masterclasses, etc.)
  • Filmography of the filmmaker
  • Producer
  • Photos: at least one of the filmmaker and one/two stills of the film. Also trailer if possible.
  • Country / year
  • Contact details of filmmaker:
  • Name + mailing address + e-mail + phone + bank account (for transfer of prize money or screening fee)
  • Contact details person/company holding the rights of the short submitted:

by e-mail: hello@afrikafilmfestival.be and/or guconvents@gmail.com
– by post: Afrika Filmfestival, Lodreef 52, 3010 Leuven, Belgium

Technical specifications

  1. Production date of the film should not be older than January 2017.
  2. Films must be transmitted by link, DVD or BLURAY for preview. The format for the final projection should be DCP, BLURAY, DVD or HD.
  3. Dvds sent to the festival will be kept in the archives of the Afrika Filmfestival and will not be returned.
  4. Films sent via by link (WeTransfer, Vimeo, etc.) will also be kept by Afrika Filmfestival, but only for archival purpose. For each commercial use, the permission of the owner of the film will be asked.
  5. By entering your film into this section of the festival, you give the permission to Afrika Filmfestival to make use of an extract of the film (max 30 seconds) during the festival (trailer, interview, …). You also indemnify and exempt Afrika Filmfestival from any and all claims, liabilities, losses, damages, and expenses that may incur as a result of any claim involving copyright, trademark, credits, advertising, and loss or damage of the projected films.

Any questions? Contact the team of Afrika Filmfestival: hello@afrikafilmfestival.be