25 August 2019


Opportunity Description

We are taking occupation of a double-storey industrial building at 11 Alexander Street in Ferreirarsdorp, from 01 September 2019. It will serve as artists studios and the new home fem of colour, an intersectional studio platform for workshops, talks and exhibitions initiated by Gabrielle Goliath.

There are 3 studio spaces available on the 1st floor. Spaces vary between 18 and 35 m2, with the possibility to convert 2 spaces into a larger studio (60m2). Rentals vary between R 1500 and R 2500. Occupation is for a minimum of 6 months. Amenities include shared kitchen/ sinks/ common area/hoist by exterior staircase and toilet facilities. Studios receive ample natural light and recessed lighting. Studios receive ample natural light and recessed lighting. Electricity is included in the rent. Studios have their own entrances and Wifi will be an additional shared cost. Artists, writers, producers, makers in different fields welcome.

The studio is collectively managed by Gabrielle Goliath, Nolan Oswald Dennis and Dorothee Kreutzfeldt.

How to Apply

To apply and request a viewing, please email hi@nolanoswalddennis.com a short summary on your practice and what you would need the studio for.

Deadline is 25 August 2019, but applications will be reviewed on a first come first-served basis.