31 January 2022


Opportunity Description

Edited volume
Editor: Danielle Becker
(Research fellow, Arts of Africa and Global Souths, Rhodes University, South Africa)

The formal study of African material culture has historically been marred by the disciplinary frameworks and ideologies of Western anthropology and art history. Yet, the way in which African art objects are currently studied at universities on the African continent, from the perspective of African art history as its own discipline, remains largely unexamined. Considering the contemporary calls to decolonize curricula at tertiary institutions and the persistent inequalities in the global knowledge economy, this book project looks at the pedagogical frameworks of African art history at tertiary institutions. It is imagined that this will be done through an analysis of curricula and specific object case studies that discuss the particularities of African art history and its manifestation at African universities from a historiographic perspective.

This project is conceived of as an edited volume with chapters that focus on specific nations and tertiary institutions/ universities as case studies. It is hoped that chapters will be solicited from a wide range of geographical locations on the continent. The book intends to focus particularly on nations and institutions that use English as a language of instruction to more fruitfully allow for comparative threads to form between chapters.

Chapter proposals that engage with one or some of the following areas will be welcome from authors who work within the African continent. Chapter proposals will be selected based on both their individual merit and their potential to fit within the aims of the book as a whole.

  • An analysis of contemporary and/or historical curricula at tertiary institutions in the fields of art history, visual studies, visual culture or related discipline focused on African material culture.
  • A discussion of the nature of art history within a particular location or nation from a historiographic perspective.
  • A theoretical discussion of the character and nature of contemporary African art history.
  • A discussion of the methodologies employed when writing and teaching art history in Africa.
  • A discussion of the pedagogical approaches to the study of art history in Africa.
  • An analysis of a particular case study that illustrates the methodological and/or theoretical approach to teaching art history in Africa.

How to Apply

Please send an extended abstract (of between 300 – 500 words maximum, excluding sources) outlining your chapter no later than the 31st January 2022 to Danielle Becker:

Please include the following information:

  • The topic and outline of your chapter;
  • The methodological form your proposed chapter will take (e.g., exploratory; theoretical)
  • The unique contribution that your chapter aims to make
  • A brief biography of the author (no longer than 200 words)
  • A brief reference list (no longer than a page)