15 February 2023


Opportunity Description

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Daily care of works of art in the companies custody and control, including, but not limited to the permanent collections, loans for exhibitions and items in temporary custody on the premises.
  • Manages and monitors the condition and appearance of art and crate storage areas, as well as off-site storage areas (if applicable), in a secure, clean, organized and work-ready state, according to art storage standards.
  • Prepares works for storage including assisting department in evaluating condition, possible packing solutions, re-housing plans, and movement of artwork to and from storage, conservators, and framers.
  • Coordinates packing, unpacking, and crating of artwork (if required), including fabrication of packing cases and retrofitting crates for permanent collection, traveling exhibitions and loans according to best practice procedures and museum standards.
  • Coordinates the movement of art works as needed for clients.
  • Oversees local pick-up and deliveries of artwork and releasing/receiving artwork as directed/required.
  • Updates on an accurate and timely basis art movement logs, tagging of artwork related to our bar coding system, cataloguing for clients/collections and physically numbering artwork to maintain collection inventory control according to best practice policy and procedure.
  • Maintains inventory and orders supplies for art storage and maintains storage of supplies in a secure and orderly fashion
  • Assists with environmental monitoring, fumigation and Integrated Pest Management in all Art storage spaces and viewing area. Also assists with dusting of cases, frames, and art objects, as assigned.
  • Manages and supervises visits to Art Storage by non company personal where allowed.
  • Organizes and stages art in preparation for photography and assists photographer during shoot.
  • Supervises part-time and freelance art handlers and staff working with the collections and on exhibitions when necessary. Hire, train, and supervise contract labour and student interns for art storage projects.
  • Performs other Art handling projects or duties as assigned.

How to Apply

Email rob@aspiring.co.za with CV and introduction letter.