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1 December 2018

Opportunity Description

ART WEEK invites all contemporary art practitioners to send in proposals for participation in the 2019 edition of ART WEEK CAPE TOWN. Now in its sixth year, ART WEEK CAPE TOWN will be taking place between Wednesday 6th February – Sunday 17th February 2019!

The upcoming ART WEEK CAPE TOWN will consist of a two-part programme. The first, which has been present since the founding of ART WEEK, will be a collation of all contemporary art events happening in Cape Town during this time. This programme allows extensive audiences access to information and otherwise “secondary” events taking place in the city during the period of the INVESTEC CAPE TOWN ART FAIR.

The second component of the 2019 programme, is a carefully curated selection of highlights and key events by various parties in collaboration with ART WEEK, as well as ART WEEK instigated activations in line with the 2019 focus on artist-led events.


The curated programme for ART WEEK CAPE TOWN 2019 will have a strong focus on practitioners within the contemporary arts, with the aim of instigating conversations between the public and the artists themselves. ART WEEK is positioned to create a platform for artists and curators, including those who are not affiliated to galleries and institutions.

Project ideas and proposals should fall strictly within the contemporary arts field and be accessible to the general public. ART WEEK encourages applicants to work together and present fully-formed ideas and events.

Proposals should, in some way, address some of the following aims and objectives:

  • Utilising resources available in the city such as institutions, venues, organisations and public spaces.
  • Providing an unintimidating and accessible engagement with, and participation in, the contemporary arts sector in South Africa.
  • Information sharing and guidelines to professional practice within the contemporary arts environment.
  • Creating a platform for emerging and established artists, artist-run collectives and unrepresented artists to engage directly with the public.
  • Shaping and maintaining artist collectives.
  • Offering art practitioners experience in planning and managing self-initiated projects.

Please Note:

ART WEEK cannot guarantee funding for each proposal. Participants are encouraged to source their own funding as far as possible.

ART WEEK endeavours to work in collaboration with participants.

How to Apply

Download this application form:


and email it to specialprojects@cadt.org.za when completed.