1 June 2021



Opportunity Description

Atheneaum Resident Artist Farook Mohammed

A Voluntary Payment of R200 and above would be highly appreciated to assist with our marketing efforts and services provided. The Voluntary Payment can be made by EFT or cash deposit to:

The Athenaeum
FNB Bank (Business Cheque Account)
Account number: 62554485112
Branch Code: 211417

N. B.: Please use your initials and surname as reference. [ONLY MAKE PAYMENT IF YOU CAN AFFORD TO, IT IS NOT COMPULSORY]

The voluntary payment shall NOT be refunded. These funds will be used for marketing purposes and costs taken up by the Athenaeum and for services rendered.

In the TOPIC bar, type NMB ART ENTRY 2021

  • The Exhibition is open to all entrants who are 18 years of age or older on 1 January 2020.
  • The closing date for entries is 1 JUNE 2021 at 16:00. NO LATE ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED. You have from 1st April 2021 to 1st June 2021 to get your works up for sale at the Athenaeum.
  • Working from reference photographs is permitted, provided these were taken by yourself, or you were given full and express consent of the photographer. The name of the photographer must be provided, or the source indicated [if applicable].
  • Multiple entries are allowed.
  • The work must be a two-dimensional artwork and comply with the stated size requirements. Sculptures, photographs, and works created using software or other digital means are allowed. CONTENT MUST BE POSITIVE, EDUCATIONAL, AND CULTURAL – NO OBSCENE NUDITY, NO VIOLENCE. HOWEVER POLITICAL OR SOCIAL STINTS, COMMENTS OR SATIRE ARE PERMITTED AS LONG AS IT DOES NOT AMOUNT TO DELIBERATE RACISM OR PROMOTION OF INTOLERANCE.
  • Works submitted for the Exhibition must have been created by the entrant, i.e. his/her original work, and will remain his/her property for the duration of the exhibition until such time as the work has been returned to the entrant, or sold during the exhibition. All entries must be for sale. “Returned to the entrant” also refers to artworks that have not been selected for entry into the Grand Exhibition and Event 2021.
  • The entrant must provide a selling price for the work. The Athenaeum as the appointed agent will deduct a 20% commission on all sales. The Athenaeum appointment shall automatically terminate when the work has been returned to the entrant or sold. The Athenaeum will be responsible for processing and invoicing all sales.

Minimum size:

  • 20cm width x 25cm height (unframed). Works smaller than this will be disqualified.

Maximum size:

  • 250cm width x 300 cm height (framed). Works larger than this will be disqualified [If there is adequate space we’ll make exceptions]. Please notify us and discuss this with the manager. We’re doing our utmost for the benefit of the Artists.
  • No work or frame may exceed 10 cm in depth.
  • Multiple part works will be accepted (i.e. diptychs or triptychs). If you are submitting Sculptures, Pottery, and or other Craftworks please include dimensions (i.e. size) PLEASE NO MASSIVE MONUMENTS, if you want to include such works kindly only provide framed images of such works with details for display. We will include all Artworks in our Athenaeum Artist Catalog so kindly ensure that you give us a brief bio, links to your online platforms, a summary of what inspires your work, etc… If Digital Works please provide a bio, intro, and your online platforms; you will be required to set up your own electronic systems, if unavailable the Athenaeum can try and arrange this for you at a nominal fee.
  • All works will be judged anonymously for consideration of The Grand Exhibition and Event and any work that contains any Obscene Nudity, Violence, Deliberate Racism, Promotion of Intolerance, or Hate Speech, will be disqualified from both the Open Call Exhibition and Grand Exhibition Event. All selected works may be signed or unsigned by the Artist. You are required to provide a Certificate of Authenticity for the works to be exhibited if not available The Athenaeum will charge a small fee to produce one which you must sign.
  • Paintings, Drawings, Pictures, and Sculptures, etc… submitted should have been COMPLETED after 1 January 2020.
  • The responsibility for damage or loss, however caused, lies with the entrant. Entrants are therefore advised to arrange adequate insurance cover against all risks. The sponsor [The Athenaeum], the carriers, the collection points, any other subcontractor, agent, or Afro Arabian Empire as the organizer of the Exhibition Event, shall not be liable for any loss or damage, whether or not caused by their negligence. The sooner your work is in the better to be spotted by potential buyers over this period. Kindly drop your artworks off at the Athenaeum, Cnr Athol Fugard Terrace & Castle Hill, Central, Gqeberha (PE), Nelson Mandela Bay.
  • The personal data supplied on this form will only be used in the process of administering the Grand Exhibition 2021 and will not be transferred to any third party. Entrants’ full names and details of their work submitted for the Exhibition and Event may be made public after the adjudication and, by entering this Exhibition, the entrant hereby consents to the disclosure of his/her personal information.
  • A completed application form, a copy of the entrant’s ID, and a copy of the proof of payment [only required if you made the voluntary payment] should be submitted along with the artwork entered.
  • The judges will choose 100 works from all entries received. The names of the entrants, whose works have been selected for the Grand Exhibition Event, will be posted on the Athenaeum Facebook group on 1 July 2021.
  • From those 100 selected works, another 50 will be selected by 10 July 2021. These entrants’ works will receive a jointly signed Blue Chip Artist Certificate by Afro Arabian Empire and The Athenaeum.
  • The Grand Exhibition and Event will be announced on 15 July 2021 and entrants invited, at their own traveling cost, to a gala event, to be held later in July 2021 at The Athenaeum, Nelson Mandela Bay, where all entrants will receive a Certificate of Participation; cosigned by the Athenaeum Manager and Resident Artist Farook Moahmmed.
  • The selected works cannot be collected before the end of the open call exhibition in 2021. By agreeing to the rules of the Exhibition the entrant agrees to participate in the final Grand Exhibition should their work be selected.
  • The copyright of all works exhibited in this exhibition remains the property of the entrant. By entering the exhibition the entrant agrees on an irrevocable basis that the organizers and/or the sponsors may reproduce any exhibited work, free of charge, for the purposes of marketing, promotion, merchandising, discussion, and education, including by means of promotional catalogues, publications, posters, prints, postcards, the internet or in television documentaries.
  • The decision of the judges is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  • The Athenaeum reserves the right to disqualify a work if the artist has not adhered to the above rules as stipulated, even if the work was selected for exhibition.


  • GALA AWARD CEREMONY: [Announcement will be made late JULY 2021]

How to Apply

Please email your COMPLETED ENTRY FORM, a copy of the PROOF OF PAYMENT [If you can afford a contribution] and a copy of your ID along with a clear photograph of your ARTWORK (no frame or background included in the picture) to:

Any questions can be directed to Athenaeum Manager: Mark Farrow |071 684 7191 [WhatsApp/ Call]