Opportunity Description

Our Honours degree is aimed at students who want to develop their professional creative practice, or explore how to grow a possible creative business venture. The degree offers you the opportunity to produce a self-directed body of creative practice work majoring in Photography, Illustration, Graphic Design, Multimedia or Art Direction.

The intention is to enable you to refine and expand your craft with supervision, while also gaining greater creative independence and learning how to manage a project.
Our Honours programme purposefully taps into networks we have established with African creative spaces and institutions. We have ongoing relationships with Zeitz MOCAA, Norval Foundation, Anima Design Studio, Stellenbosch Triennale and numerous other creative spaces and institutions across Africa. Through guest lectures, class visits and live projects we keep you on the pulse of the creative industry.

A key component to our Honours degree is the Creative Exchange where we substitute the classroom with an African city and enable students to undertake a creative learning journey. This curated excursion pairs students with a creative agency, artist or hub to work on a week-long collaborative project. In 2018 we were based in Harare (Zimbabwe) and in 2019 we worked in Maputo (Mozambique). Our 2020 trip was not possible because of the COVID-19 pandemic, however, in 2021 we were able to travel to Durban as a collective. By exposing students to different contexts, perspectives and creative practices, our Honours programme produces not only skilled professionals but creative change agents who can navigate and adapt in the global creative industry.

How to Apply

For more information on the course and application process, please contact Louise van Wyk at louise@stellenboschacademy.co.za