17 December 2019

Opportunity Description

Black Panther

Beschara Karam (University of South Africa); Mark Kirby-Hirst (Open Window) and Rory du Plessis (University of Pretoria)

In light of the hugely successful, and critically acclaimed, film release of the film Black Panther (Coogler 2018); as well as the debates surrounding the film, this Call for Chapters is dedicating a book to this very pertinent film. The film focuses on the themes Afrofuturism; of identity; dehumanisation; feminism; alienation; and reclamation. It also allows for the exploration of other themes integral to the experience of Africa and the Diaspora, including (but not limited to) slavery; apartheid; othering; marginalisation; history; colonisation; post-colonisation; memory; trauma; and, decolonisation (see Karam and Kirby-Hirst 2019).

We are therefore looking for original contributions from researchers working on any aspect of
Black Panther; including the comic books and graphic novels upon which the film is based.
Contributors are therefore invited to focus on issues and questions such as:

  • Interrogating the representations of black identity and culture in Black Panther
  • Audience reception studies
  • Theoretical issues of film, such as Afrofuturism, with Black Panther as a case study
  • The effectiveness of drama and the action genre as strategies to interrogate film and socio-political realities
  • Reversing the western cinematic gaze: Africa, the diaspora, and Black Panther.
  • Comparative analysis (such as the comics vs the film, or the film vs other Afrofuturistic filmic representations)
  • An interrogation of Black Panther and capitalism (challenging Hollywood hegemony)
  • Black Panther and it’s aesthetic: art; design; fashion; make-up; geographies/landscapes; and/or architecture as represented in Black Panther
  • Authorship
  • Fandom
  • Gender and Black Panther
  • LLGBQIA (ir)representation in Black Panther
  • The Hollywood gaze

How to Apply

Please send an extended abstract (of between 300 – 500 words maximum, excluding sources) outlining your chapter to reach us no later than 17th December 2019: bpafricadiaspora@gmail.com

Please include the following information:

  • topic and outline of your chapter;
  • the form your proposed chapter will take (e.g., exploratory; theoretical)
  • the unique contribution that your chapter aims to make.

SUCCESSFUL ABSTRACTS: The authors will be informed of the outcome of the selection process by 21st December 2019.

Authors of abstracts selected for inclusion will be invited to submit a full chapter of approximately between 5 000 and 7 000 words in length (including references) by no later than 27th MARCH 2020. All submissions must be formatted according to the Harvard Abridged Method of referencing.

Note: All full submissions will undergo a double-blind review and there is no guarantee of acceptance of the final chapter prior to the completion of the review process.