28 October 2019

Opportunity Description

Help us learn about social and creative enterprise in South Africa

Thank you for taking the time to fill in this important survey on social / impact and creative enterprise in South Africa. We are trying to learn more about these valuable organisation types and we appreciate your help. To show you our appreciation, 3 randomly selected survey respondents will be drawn once the survey closes in order to win some exciting prizes, including a new laptop and cash prizes. The survey should take 15 minutes to complete.

Who should fill in this survey?

  • Do you help run a social or creative enterprise? A business with cultural or social impact?
  • Does your business contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals? Does your organisation work for people and planet and not just profit?
  • Does it have a creative, cultural, environmental or social mission? Perhaps you work in a creative sector or your business harnesses people’s creativity, skills and talents, generating intellectual property, innovations and new ideas?
  • Maybe your enterprise creates jobs, shares economic wealth and power, improves the environment, fights inequality or builds community? Does your organisation contribute to inclusive development, tackling the challenges we face through sustainable solutions?

If so, we want to hear from you!

The British Council will make the results of this survey publicly available so that everyone can benefit from the findings, but we take data privacy seriously and all data provided in this survey will be anonymised for analysis and only shared with research team partners in anonymised form. By filling in this survey you consent to have your anonymised data used for this research. All data will be aggregated in any published reports, unless explicit prior permission is sought from you and your organisation. Anonymised data may be shared with third party research organisations for further analysis – any publications of such analysis will include aggregated data only.

This survey asks for information about your organisation’s activities and performance. It may be useful for you to compile in advance data about staff numbers, turnover, leadership and governance structure, and legal form.

How to Apply