16 April 2021

Opportunity Description

Cav’ Platform and project of the Goethe-Institut is looking for creative industry-specific content for its website. This is to provide the website with curated industry specific content. The Cav’ Platform website is fairly new, thus needs interesting and innovative content relating to the CCI. The content will be posted on the website as 1 content peace over 3 months.


  • The content can be from any creative industry as long as it can sit on a website. Thus needs to be text, PDF, and video.
  • The content needs to be accompanied by copyright-free teaser images that relate to it.
  • The content should focus on the entrepreneurship/business of the industry. (e.g. Toolkit, explainer videos, etc)
  • The content needs to be Innovative and currently relevant for the industry.
  • The content must be creative-friendly, in terms of language, as this will be the primary audience for the content.
  • The content must be easily divided into 3 segments, with each segment been able to stand on its own.
  • The content provider must have an online presence to link the content from the Cav’.
  • Platform to the content creator’s platform. The content creator’s platform can take the format of a website, podcast, YouTube channel, etc.
  • The content producer must be willing to promote Cav’ Platform on their online platform/s.

About Cav’ Platform
Cav’ Platform contributes to existing efforts in the creative and cultural industry (CCI). Through Forums based on research and a virtual platform, Cav Platform provides a space for dialogue, networking, information, and resource sharing.

The project is part of the Goethe-Institut initiative that comprises the two projects Cav’ Platform and Cav’ Township. The programme aims to contribute to the creative and cultural industries in South Africa, by enabling creative organisations and small businesses towards income generation.

How to Apply

• Send a max 2-page proposal that clearly outlines the content you would like to see included in the Cav’ Platform and the format it will be presented in.

  • Links to your online Platform/s
  • Send examples of related work
  • Biography
  • Budget/Fee for the usage of your content

Send all documents to Bandile Gumbi at Bandile.gumbi@goethe.de