13 January 2020

Opportunity Description

Opportunity type: Training

The Butterfly Art Project is recruiting participants for free training in either one of our entry training modules: ‘Early Beginnings’ or ‘Art in Youth Development’. Completing one of these modules would enable participants to qualify as a Community Art Facilitator (CAF). CAF participants are given 24 hours of training and the art materials needed for them to implement in 24 hours of voluntary time in any disadvantaged community with beneficiaries of their choice.

More information about the modules:

Entry Module: Early Art Beginnings

This foundation module introduces facilitators to four artistic mediums: clay, water colour paint, free drawing and mixed media which equips them to develop lessons to grow resilience, concentration, social skills, interest in learning, confidence and fine motor skills within their own groups of beneficiaries. Every participant will need to work with/lead a group of children, youth or adults from a disadvantaged community to practice the new skills. The Early Beginnings module is the foundation to be trained as a Community Art Facilitator as it also covers the important topics of monitoring and evaluation, observation skills through the art process, classroom management and how to enter a community. This module is for anyone who wants to refine their knowledge of the basics in art education.

Entry Module: Art in Youth Development

Youth are the leaders of the future. Through this module participants will build their capacity through peer learning and be able to share their experience of working with youth. They will learn how to engage with youth and understand more about their development stages. Personal and community leadership skills will deepen; and participants will learn how to map out their community, identify safe spaces and the assets within their community. Participants will explore their facilitator roles and get to understand healthy boundaries while working with youth. Exploring themes around abuse, self-awareness, communication, sexual identity-orientation-gender-identity (SOGI) and role modelling are also part of this module. The training stresses the importance of constant experiential learning and personal growth through art.

Requirements for our training modules:

  1. Able to participate in 8 workshop sessions of 3 hours each (or 4 sessions of 6 hours each; depending on scheduling by the Training Manager)
  2. Can monitor and evaluate their community implementation i.e.: registration of participants being taught, completed child monitoring tool and written reflection/significant stories (we provide templates for all)
  3. Submission of a portfolio of evidence (POE) after the module in order to graduate. POEs include: learnings, lesson plans, artworks and photographic evidence. We offer mentoring support for the POE development process.
  4. Applicants must be based in the Western Cape or willing to attend the training which is based in Cape Town, Muizenberg.

How to Apply

How to become a Community Art Facilitator – Orientation Day:

Applicants will be invited to an Orientation Day to introduce them to our training venue and be briefed on other training and capacity building that we offer. Each participant will be interviewed to ascertain the needs of their community and gauge their aptitude and commitment levels for embarking on a learning and implementation journey with the us. Applicants wanting to become a Community Art Facilitator must attend the Orientation Day as it is a prerequisite for enrolling. Applicants will be notified about the success of their applications within two (2) weeks of the Orientation Day.
To see more information around training, please visit the link: https://www.butterflyartproject.org/community-art-facilitators

Butterfly Art Project’s (BAP) training focuses on enabling and empowering participants to be able to implement healing art classes in disadvantaged communities. BAP’s curriculum aims to create safe spaces that are catalysts for holistic healthy development which encourages exploration and creativity.

The ideal candidates for this training should be able to:

  • Successfully implement 24 hours of training in a disadvantaged community
  • Travel independently to and from training, as well as to their communities and/or groups
  • Must have an interest in art as a healing tool

If this sounds like you, sign up and attend our orientation day by filling in our online application form here:


To learn more about the Butterfly Art Project and other modules, please check out their website: https://www.butterflyartproject.org/

For further information, kindly contact info@butterflyartproject.org or contact (021) 709 0996