09 October 2019

Opportunity Description

The Coloured Cube with partner, British Council is seeking talented workshop associates based in Southern Africa with experience in learning facilitation, creative enterprise, creative hubs and the wider creative economy to deliver the Creative Hubs Academy (CHA). Creative hubs – whether physical or virtual – are spaces for creative and social entrepreneurs to connect and support one another while developing their businesses in a nurturing environment.

For the last 18 months, together with British Council and Hivos, we’ve been developing a new learning programme for leaders and convenors of the creative hubs that serve communities in the fields of creative, digital and social innovation. Based on research and five pilot workshops, and an ongoing global programme, the 3 – 6 month programme has been designed for hub leaders to take a step back from their day-to-day-work and gain new skills and insights to help them shape and grow their hub offers.

Following initial testing of the programme the British Council are looking to further strengthen their strategic focus on creative hubs and its connection to the community of hub leaders by working with in-country or regional trainers. The aim is to recruit a small team of CHA trainers who will:

  • be trained to facilitate the Creative Hubs Academy Programme on 04 – 06 November with the British Council and Nesta
  • provide contextual examples and expertise to shape the programme content
  • design content and activities to support the learning of hub leaders throughout the programme
  • build strong networks and communities around the Creative Hubs Academy to maximise its impact and reach. We know that one size doesn’t fit all for hubs and the community of hub leaders so we’re trying different approaches to working with trainers across the globe in our move towards a more in-country embedded and relevant Academy.


We are seeking two talented trainers who have a strong track record of working with or
leading entrepreneurial creative and social hubs. The trainers may be leaders of hubs
themselves, independent sole-traders or be employed for a creative or social business.

The role:

  • Facilitate multi-day workshops and retreat with groups of up to 25 creative and social hub leaders
  • Deliver the Creative Hubs Academy workshop and retreat to the outlined learning goals and standards
  • Design and deliver the Learning in Action phase of the CHA programme in collaboration with the delivery partner (usually a local hub), British Council and Nesta
  •  Through the workshops and other activities, support the learning journey of individual creative and social hub leaders
  • Capture learning insights and reflections and share these with other trainers and the British Council office
  • Work with the British Council and Nesta teams to ensure consistent and high-quality delivery as is outlined in the trainer guidance
  • Advocate for and champion the Creative Hubs Academy and the works of social and creative hubs
  • Participate in regular meetings with Nesta, British Council, Hivos and key stakeholders
  • Take initiative in the further development of the creative hubs academy and help grow the community of creative and social hub leaders, with the support of the British Council and Nesta.

The ideal candidate will:

  • be confident leading and facilitating multi-day workshops and have an engaging and adaptable facilitation style
  • be able to deliver an intensive learning programme consisting of face to face workshops and remote support to a high standard over a sustained period
  • be confident in presenting and using design-led techniques and social enterprise tools
  • Be experienced in designing and delivering learning support activities and events to maintain momentum and support learners (e.g mentoring, forums, webinars)
  • be able to communicate complex concepts in a succinct and meaningful way
  • be able to deliver workshops in both English
  • be able to build rapport and trust with participants
  • be a creative practitioner or have first-hand experience of either setting up or being part of their own social or creative hub and be in a good position to share their in-depth understanding of the challenges faced by hubs and collectives.
  • possess good time management skills, and be organised and solutions-focused
  • have a willingness to travel, where necessary
  • be a champion for creative and social hubs in your region and know of support, advice and networks that can help hub leaders contribute to the wider social and creative economy.

Important dates
If you are shortlisted as a potential Creative Hubs Academy trainer, you will need to be available for the following dates. If there are any concerns, please state in your cover letter.

  • Initial interview: Face-to-face/zoom interview (in English): Friday 11 October 2019
  • Induction part 1: CHA trainer team induction and observing the Creative Hubs
  • Academy Workshop with a UK workshop associate: 03 – 07 November 2019
  • Induction part 2: Co-deliver the Creative Hubs Academy Retreat with fellow trainers and supported by a UK workshop associate: May 2020 (date, TBC) If you are invited to Inductions, British Council will arrange and cover any necessary travel or accommodation.

Induction part 1 and Induction part 2 to be paid at the following rates:
Stage One: 4-6 November 2019: 3-day workshop

  • Planning (alongside TCC and Nesta), co-facilitating for the full 3 days and submitting a report
  • R30 000
    Stage Two: November 2019 – April 2020: Learning in Action (hub managers go back to their hubs and implement their learnings with online mentorship and guidance). SoCreative Hub Forum – All participating hub managers invited to take part in the SoCreative forum taking place in Harare in March 2020.
  • Online support to hubs with mentorship: details to be defined after phase and submitting a report
  • R30 000
    Stage three: May 2020 Hubs coaching retreat (2-day retreat with hubs to a tranquil space outside of Jozi city)
  • Facilitating the two-day retreat with Nesta co-facilitating. You will need to take the lead on facilitation, planning and submit a report.
  • R24 500
    TOTAL BUDGET: R84 500

Further interesting reading

How to Apply

Please apply for the role in English and by providing the following to info@thecolouredcube.co.za – subject to email: connect.hub 2.0 trainer application.
Please note only applications in English will be considered.

  • Your résumé (2 pages – covering your work experience)
  • A short cover letter describing how you feel you meet the candidate specification (no
    more than 500 words)