Opportunity Description

DigiFI is excited to offer research funding to resident and non-resident African Scholars.

  • Resident African Scholars include those who have completed a PhD and are based in an African academic institution.
  • For this funding round, we are expanding our funding opportunities to non-resident African Scholars – those who completed high school in Africa, have a PhD, and are based in an academic institution outside of Africa.

Resident and non-resident African Scholars are eligible to apply for Proposal Development Grants (up to  $10,000) and Pilot Grants (up to $75,000). Full RCT funding eligibility is extended to African Scholars who have successfully completed a pilot funded by J-PAL (up to $400,000). Targeted mentorship will be provided to African Scholars who receive funds from the Initiative.


How to Apply

  • Targeted mentorship will be provided to African Scholars who receive funds from the Initiative. Mentors will advise the Scholar throughout the project. Mentors can include any J-PAL affiliate or the Research Advisor at J-PAL Africa. African Scholars may either identify an eligible mentor before submitting a proposal or will be linked through the Initiative after their proposal has been selected by the DigiFI board.
  • African Scholars are required to submit a letter from their mentor prior to the disbursement of funds. This letter will provide a framework for how the Scholar and mentor will work together throughout the project. Scholars who are matched to a new mentor will be expected to have a phone call with the mentor before completing this letter.

The publication track record of the African Scholar will be considered during the grant-making process. An existing relationship with a J-PAL mentor is not a requirement for selection of African Scholar projects. However, if you do have an existing relationship with a J-PAL Affiliate/Invited Researcher, who you would like to have as a mentor, we will take this preference into consideration. It will be useful to understand how well the mentor and mentee know each other (i.e. past research experience and length of existing relationship), as well as the amount of time the mentee/mentor has committed to the project. See the African Scholars FAQs.