1 December 2021


Opportunity Description

We invite parent artists to apply for the 2022 Elizabeth Murray Family Residency. This fully supported residency will run from August 5-13, 2022 and support up to 5 artists and their families. The deadline to apply is December 1, 2021.

“There is something magical about EMAR that cannot be found elsewhere. It is a combination of the legacy of Elizabeth Murray and having access to her work, home, library and studio, as well as the kindness and support of the staff and community. The meals and space itself are divine. It’s hard to explain how special it is. It was a rare opportunity and we are deeply appreciative.” -Melissa Capasso, 2019 Parent Artist-in-Residence

‘Not only did I get great work done, I also felt the connection I made to other artists in a family environment was really special, more so than past residencies I’ve attended. The dinners were exquisite!’ –Amanda Hamilton

’I think the family residency program is something of which Elizabeth herself would be very proud of. It is something special that differentiates EMAR from the dozens of other popular artist residency programs in the northeast.’
-Bradley Biancardi

About the Elizabeth Murray Artist Residency for Families
The late Elizabeth Murray (1940-2007), a prolific artist and mother of three, believed that artists should not have to choose a career over family – a pressure many emerging artists and parent artists still feel today. Since its inception, creating an environment that is unique and stands out as a safe space for creative risk-taking, personal growth, and respite, especially for parent artists, has been a core goal of the Elizabeth Murray Artist Residency by Collar Works.

EMAR is an immersive, communal experience, where artists have time and space to grow and experiment with their works without choosing between their art and their families. Our goal is to remove barriers to access for parent artists to be able to connect to fellow peers in the field and engage in meaningful dialogue to build far-reaching connections that will grow far beyond the walls of a residency. At EMAR, our residency program can support up to 5 parent artists and their families during a one-week session. Artists and families are housed in the historic, large, double farmhouse where Elizabeth Murray spent summers with her family. Studios are located in the cathedral-like barn loft overlooking Elizabeth Murray’s studio.

The Elizabeth Murray Artist Residency by Collar Works will invite up to 5 parent artists together with their families to spend one week in residence at EMAR. Artists and their families will be provided a private bedroom (families may need to room together) with shared bathrooms in the large farmhouse, as well as communal living room spaces, kitchen, and a library featuring Elizabeth Murray’s personal art book collection. In addition, artists have a semi-private studio in the same barn that Elizabeth Murray worked in during summers with her family. The property also features a ‘Kids Studio’ for children and family members. Property amenities include a swimming pool, pond, and 77 acres.

The 2022 Elizabeth Murray Family Residency is a fully-supported opportunity for artists and their families during August 5-13, 2022. Outside of the $25 application fee, there is no cost to participate for accepted artists in the Family Residency program. Meals will be provided by a Chef-in-Residence. Accepted artists will receive a $500 stipend to be used at their own discretion towards travel, materials, or other associated costs related to this opportunity.

An integral aspect of our program is that we provide full-day (9AM-5PM) child care in the form of a parallel creative residency for children of all ages that focuses on art and nature programming. Oftentimes there are after-dinner activities for children as well. While parent artists have uninterrupted time in the studios, their children are spending time in their very own EMAR Kids Art Studio, engaged in meaningful art projects, outside exploring nature through guided activities, playing, swimming, reading, and at times, going on guided field trips to local farms and museums. Although we welcome partners to join and participate in the care of their children if desired, we are committed to fully supporting artists and families who want or need to attend solo with their children. Given the rural nature of the program, Collar Works will work with each artist on a case-by-case basis to ensure the necessary support and equipment is in place prior to arrival as much as possible.

The goal of the Elizabeth Murray Artist Residency for Families is to provide the time, space, and connections parent artists desire, together with an immersive, enriching experience for the entire family. We highly recommend reading through our Artist Handbook prior to applying.

We acknowledge that oftentimes there are financial hurdles emerging artists and parent artists and their families face that prevent participation in residencies. If the application fee is prohibitive, please reach out to us. We will be happy to waive the fee for financial hardship.

We are proud that our 2021 Family Residency program was a recipient of the Sustainable Arts Foundation Grant, ensuring Collar Works’ ability to offer a fully supportive opportunity to 5 parent artists, including stipends and childcare.

Our open application process for the 2021 Elizabeth Murray Family Residency is now LIVE. The residency will run from August 5-13 and support up to 5 artists and their families.

How to Apply

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