1 December 2021


Opportunity Description

The Elizabeth Murray Artist Residency (EMAR) program by Collar Works is designed to provide a diverse group of emerging and established artists an immersive, supportive, productive, and communal atmosphere for art-making and dialogue on a bucolic 77-acre farm in Washington County. The summer residency is offered for 5 weeks, with 2 and 4-week residencies for individual artists and 1-week residencies for families.

In 2017, the Murray- Holman family partnered with Collar Works to design a summer residency program for visual artists, with unique opportunities for individuals and families. Dedicated to supporting the legacy of Elizabeth Murray, Collar Works believes there is a kindred connection between its mission and what Murray’s story symbolizes to emerging artists, to those who are artists as well as parents, and to individuals who overcome adversity to achieve their vision.

The no-cost to attend fully supported summer residency program is designed to accommodate 5-7 artists in residence per week, including onsite staff members. Artists are provided 24- hour access to semi-private studios, artist stipends, private bedroom accommodations, and shared bathroom facilities. Daily dinners are prepared by a chef-in-residence and served in a communal atmosphere to foster dialogue between residents. Breakfast and lunches will be provided. Artists will have the time and space to work in their studios to develop new works, with the opportunity to share in conversation with peers, meet with visiting curators (COVID-19 permitting), and engage with the surrounding art communities.

‘One of the biggest strengths of EMAR is the sense of community and the interaction with the other artists-in-residence, staff and guests.’ -Will Hutnick

’It was inspiring and an honor to live and work in the same place as Elizabeth Murray. -Christopher Harrison The sense of community was the most beneficial aspect of my time at EMAR. I cannot thank Collar Works and the Murray-Holman family enough for their support and generosity. This residency has had a profound impact on my life and work.’
-Kyoung Eun Kang

’The lack of high-speed internet was part of the magic. Everyone is exempt from regular sources and patterns of communication. It sparked a greater bond between residents and added to the bliss of just letting go.’ –Z Behl

’Elizabeth Murray Artist Residency is a free-spirited place. Each artist responds in their own way, but sharing in that freedom and exploration is memorable. The conversations had helped me realize new directions in my work. By the end of the residency, I was collaborating on drawings, and assisting with others’ projects. The communal nature of the residency felt like family, and we could all look forward to eating dinner together at the end of the day.’
– Matt LeFleur

How to Apply