Opportunity Description


How do we re-occupy public, media, political and crultural spaces on our own terms as womxn while holding space for each other and the collective? This exhibition affirms authentic representations of our bodies, spirits, intellects and right to occupy and assert the gender and sexual identities of our choosing.

`EMBODYING H(I)RSELF’ is a curated conversation online that invites contemporary artists to boldly explore autonomous expressions of `self’, sexual and gender Identities, and representation of our bodies and image in the contemporary – beyond the binaries of gender stereotyping and the undermining reach of patriarchy.

How are we representing the stories, image and experiences of womxn and supporting their right to be here and to belong?

Viewed through the lens of gender inclusivity this project creatively affirms personal and collective space and resistance to problematic representations of female-identifying bodies at a time when rampant violence, silencing and a virulent virus threatens our very survival. The exhibition is a unique collaboration between independent curators Madlozi Art Africa and Latitudes Art Fair Online to encourage using art to address critical questions around identity, gender, belonging and womxn’s visibility in the media, workplace and politically, and to interrogate the systemic subversions of our personal and collective power, agency and voice.

* HIR – pronounced `here’ and replaces her/hers/him/his/they/theirs.

The narrative and selected works in the exhibition support authentic representations and expressions of womxn’s intersectional struggles, voices and triumphs across the gender spectrum. Artists simultaneously interrogate the notion of `embodiment’ as a personal, political, sexual and spiritual act of fulfilment and defiance – a choice.

`EMBODYING H(I)RSELF’ facilitates a vital and creative space for naming and reclaiming us. Curators applaud every womxn’s right to express, choreograph and assert`self’ boldly. We celebrate the untamed fabulousness that is H(I)RSELF!

Call to Artists – An Invitation to Respond

  • We invite contemporary visual artists, performers, filmmakers and poets to join us in making and re-occupying creative new media and digital exhibition space for this conversation.

About Madlozi Art Africa

Madlozi Art Africa is an independent cultural producer, creative collective and exhibition platform rooted in the richly diverse cultural identities that make Africa and her diaspora so vital and vocal worldwide. We celebrate voice, experimental thought and artistic collaborations with communities, institutions and art fairs. The platform is also active online and through cultural exchange internationally. We represent artists works and curate visionary and pertinent conversations that priorities the visibility of our identities, agency and bodies in artistic, and social discourse, development and access creation to enable art beyond binaries and beyond the confines of the traditional ‘white cube’ – art responsive to socio-cultural and political themes and movements on our continent and globally. Founded by independent curator Beathur Mgoza Baker and independent cultural producers on the continent.

Image Credit: ‘Standing Nude’ 2020 by artist Erik Jones.

How to Apply

  • Artists may submit up to three (3) works for consideration and inclusion in the upcoming exhibition.
  • High-resolution photographs or film clips of your work should be accompanied by an artist statement, and short descriptions of submitted works that include the year of creation, dimensions, genre, materials and editions of your work.
  • An artist cv and any prior participation in exhibitions should also be indicated.
  • Please email your submission to: madloziart@outlook.com.
  • Artworks for consideration should respond positively to suggested themes and interpret and represent them imaginatively and with respect in observant of the rights of womxn and their racial, cultural, gender and sexual identities of choice.