1 July 2019

Opportunity Description

Eye4Art, a gallery in Durban, KZN is looking for new artists that have unique, fresh and inspiring work that hasn’t had the opportunity of being exhibited in a solo/ paired or group exhibition yet.

The exhibition space is available to any individual or group of participants who shows motivation and enthusiasm for what they do and are just looking to be given that opportunity!

Any medium will be accepted as long as it is presented in a professional and mature manner.

Please note:
The artist will be responsible for all transport of artworks to the gallery.

How to Apply

Send us an email with a cover letter introducing yourself, your portfolio of previous work as well as an Exhibition title, concept proposal, and artist statement with ideas of a solo/ paired or group exhibition you would be interested in having.

Applicants must be out of school and over the age of 18 years.

All art works must be fresh with no previous showcasing except for WIP pictures and teasers.

For more information contact our owner and curator Michelle Davidson at michelle@eye4art.co.za.